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Najjera and Nansana Seek City Status



Latest coming in from Najjera and Nansana is that the two suburbs are seeking city status in a bid to show their might and prove their glory.

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Najjera in particular is seeking city status because their level of madness exceeds the normal levels experienced in other Ugandan suburbs. “We have the most serious block parties. We have the highest number of Subarus. We have all the slayqueens. Why can’t we be a city? We have more apartments in Najjera than Mbarara or even Jinja,” argued one of the Najjera residents.

Nansana on the other hand thinks it’s high time the country puts a respect on their name. “Can you believe we are the only place in Uganda with a capital city. The capital city of Nansana is Ku Masitoowa. We deserve city status,” Mukiibi argued while munching on Axil pork. “We even have the best pork joint in the country. Anyone who has tasted Axil pork will confess that nothing comes close to it in this country,” he added.

For the first time, Nansana and Najjera will be collaborating on something. “Together we are signing a petition and delivering it to the Speaker of Parliament. If Fort Portal can be a city. Then surely Nansana and Najjera too should be cities. Nansana and Najjera lives matter,” said a member of this Nansana Najjera coalition.

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