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Naira Ali cries foul of fellow musicians maliciously sabotaging her music



By BigEyeUg Team

Purple Chord head singer, Naira Ali is up on rampage with fellow artists who are paying the media to sabotage and frustrate her music.

The ‘Your Body’ singer took it to her Facebook page on Wednesday night and spat venom to a fellow artist whom she didn’t identify in particular for tabling a suitable payroll for presenters and bloggers to keep his/her music on trending.

Naira Ali reveals how the same person is also taking advantage of the payroll to frustrate other artists’ music like hers (Naira Ali).

However, Naira dares that artist’s music to flourish as he/she desires to after demeaning fellow artists’.

Here is Naira Ali’s statement in full:

You pay for your song to get on countdowns, pay presenters to praise you,you exercise pay per play for your songs,you pay bloggers to praise you,you bost your social media’s for following,you generate YouTube views monitorily, almost every media person is on your payroll,you surbotage other artists music playing and there’s absolutely nowhere your music goes deliberately if not paid for and then you claim you’re the best. Amazing!!

Over the years, several artists have always complained of their music maliciously being sabotaged.

Naira Ali has a new Afro Pop song dubbed “Kalango” produced by Ricko (Purple Chord Studios).

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