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My idea was to elevate comedy, Alex Muhangi on starting Comedy Store



Celebrated comedian and Comedy Store host Alex Muhangi in an interview with the website disclosed how and why he started his much successful Comedy Store and even when he reaps big that was not his primary goal.

Muhangi who before comedy store was a comedian at Laftaz Lounge told us he was not comfortable with how comedians were being paid and also how he was not fully in charge hence the idea to start his own venture, Comedy Store.

“My idea for comedy store was to pay comedians well and also to elevate comedy and comedians. I am sure no one pays comedians in Uganda as much as I do. I don’t pay 200,000ugx or 500,000ugx because I know at my show you have to dress well, drive your car to the show and also feed your family. Comedians can work for 200,000ugx elsewhere if they like but at comedy store I pay much more” Alex Muhangi said.

Alex Muhangi today brags of comedy being in a much better position in Uganda than has ever been but also believes there still is a long way to go for comedy in Uganda to match international standards.

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