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Muslim leader beats wife to pulp for failing to cut communication with her bisexual daughter and son



By Reporter

In October last year, there was drama at a wedding when a father cursed his diaspora based son and daughter for allegations he has heard over time. At the ceremony, Hajji Wamala Badru Mukwaya disowned his son Rashid Wamala and daughter Nabukenya Halima Wamal over bisexual accusations and warned all family members to distance themselves from them.

Hajjat wamala Aminah mukwaya receiving treatment

In twist of events, Hajji recently caught his first wife and mother of both on phone talking to her children in Canada and beat her to pulp. Hajjat wamala Aminah mukwaya is said to have been beated by her husband for failing to adhere to his order to cut communication with his son and daughter that he disowned in October. Aminah mukwaya was then rushed to Kisakye clinic in Nabweru where she was given first aid. Hajjat wamala Aminah mukwaya is said to have been discharged and is at a friend’s or family member’s place as she seeks forgiveness from her husband.

Rashid Wamala and Nabukenya Halima Wamala ran away from their family years back and now resides in Canada.

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