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Musicians, DJs, and others to receive Ugx.100000 for the 42-day lockdown



By BigEyeUg Team

Ugandan artists have been listed among the categories of people to receive the COVID-19 relief package from the government.

In a tweet by the Uganda Media Centre, artists (Musicians, Comedians, Producers, Promoters) will receive a cash transfer of UGX 100,000 with withdrawal charges from the Government of Uganda following the current 42-day lockdown.

Here is part of the list revealed so far to receive the lockdown funds;

  1. Bus/Taxi drivers, conductors
  2. Baggage Carriers, wheel barrow pushers, touts, traffic guides, baggage loaders in Taxi, Bus parks and stages, and other major commercial centers such as Kikuubo.
  3. Barmen, DJs, Barmaids, waiters and bouncers
  4. Bar, gym, and restaurant workers
  5. Food vendors in Bus, Taxi parks, and Arcades
  6. Artists (Musicians, Comedians, Producers, Promoters),
  7. Boda Boda riders, special hire drivers, and Uber drivers,
  8. Saloons, Massage Parlor workers,
  9. Teachers and support staff in Private schools, and Teachers in Government Schools not on Government payroll
  10. Car washers
  11. Slum Dwellers / Ghetto residents
  12. Street Vendors, shoe shiners, cobblers
  13. Orphans and vulnerable Children

Upon the declaration of a lockdown in Uganda by President Museveni, the newly appointed Prime Minister, Rt. Hon. Nabbanja Robinah said that the government was to give out a special package of funds to the affected groups of people in the country.

However, Hon. Nabbanja didn’t clarify on which specific groups of people were to receive money to run them through the 42-days lockdown.

This has raised mixed reactions especially from the entertainment industry that has been lockdown for now one and a half years as they task the government to have them considered.

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