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Musicians and comedians turn to movie business



By BigEyeUg Team

A new superstar-thrilling Ugandan movie series is set to hit your screens anytime.

Dubbed “Taxi 24”, the movie incorporates star stabbed names from Uganda’s music fraternity like; Chagga, Coco Finger, Amooti Omubalanguzi, Alex Muhangi, Sandra Kasooto, and many others.

“Taxi 24” unfolds a storyline of a group of musicians heading for a musical show and on their way, it encounters a number of hiccups.

Apparently, the new movie series will be airing on DSTV.

Of recent, the number of Ugandan musicians joining the film business has stiffly hiked.

One of the new acts in the film industry, at the same time legendary singer, Chagga, music and movie are more similar than we could ever imagined.

The movie and music businesses are inseparable. They are like twins,” Chagga says.

Coco Finger backs up fellow singer, Chagga’s statement as he urges musicians to be versatile when it comes to talent.

As an artist, you have to be versatile. Don’t stick in one direction. Tomorrow my throat may have issues and am not able to sing. But it will be promising if I have another talent to console myself with. I want to also utilize this chance to showcase to the world another side of me,” Coco Finger said.

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