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Musician Kid Fox Killed In Japan.



kid fox ugandaReports from the Kampala Sun indicate that musician Kiggundu Steven a.k.a King Stevens a.k.a Kid Fox could have been killed in Japan.

Drug trafficking has led to the death of many innocent Ugandans at the hands of foreign governments and Kid Fox could have unfortunately died in similar circumstances.

“He was reportedly sentenced and hanged in Japan for trying to get rich” reads part of the report. The musician was arrested detained and then sentenced to death some time ago.

Singer Iryn Namubiru Morel who was also arrested in the same country and was sentenced to serve 8 years in jail over drug trafficking only to be saved had this to say about Kid Fox last year. “Where is Kid Fox? I hear no one has news of his where about. Kid Fox, if u see this give a sign of life. People have helped, prayed and looked for me. Now I want to be the first to help in any way I can. I know for a fact and from experience that when u have no lawyer in Japan, no one can ever get information concerning you!!! Let’s help a brother.” she posted.

Reports indicate that Kid Fox was taken out of the country with the hope of getting a job at one of the clubs owned by a Ugandan in Japan. His brother Cooper says that he last talked to him in December last year. His mother fainted upon being told that her son could be dead and was not willing to share his phone number.

Fox started singing in 1991, when he was still in senior one and he concentrated on Dance Hall music in 1994 because he was inspired by famous international musicians. His hit Luganda N’emikwano brought him to fame. He followed this with more hits but never won awards or became rich like other musicians.

Fox then decided to go look for greener pastures in Japan only to get involved in drug trafficking and eventual death by hanging.

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