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Musician ends Grace Nakimera’s marriage.




Musician Grace Nakimera’s 11-year-old marriage seems to have ended. This comes after a fellow musician confused her white husband until he swayed away from the path that Grace had set for him and their marriage.

The singer behind their break up is called Shamim. The two have been dating for some time. We have also been informed that Grace has instructed her lawyers to file for divorce. “She prays that court gives her custody of their 10-year-old daughter,” said a source.

It all started when the singer revealed to us in September last year that her marriage with white husband and photographer Andre Ringen would break down soon. This was because the man was ‘picking up chics everyday’. One of these was a model called Pie B who would undress so that he could take her photos. Andre started dating the young model and bringing her to their house.

“At first, Grace remained tight lipped about the issue claiming that she is a strong African woman who cannot reveal what is happening in her bed room. But things have gotten out of hand and the two will now part ways,” said our source.

When contacted about this, the Grace downplayed it again, denying any divorce preparations. “I woke up in my husband’s arms today,” she said.

We will keep you posted.

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