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Music Review: ‘Mbaga’, a song for the best day of your life



Nsimbi, a Ugandan - American duo formed by Lugaflow rapper GNL Zamba and American world fusion artist Miriam Tamar.

By Our Reporter

The best day of your life deserves a befitting playlist and Nsimbi, in ‘Mbaga’ have earned their way into the deejays’ wedding day catalogue for rotation!

Yes, it’s said a wedding day is the best day of a person’s life. ‘Mbaga’, Luganda word for ‘wedding’, is a new song off forthcoming EP by Ugandan -American duo, Nsimbi made up of rapper GNL Zamba and wife, Miriam Tamar.

‘Mbaga’ exudes maturity; a couple singing about celebration of love, unity, intimacy, not only limited to a private affair but rather a public spectacle bringing together families, friends and most importantly hearts, in an eternal bond. (We might be in a pandemic but it’s refreshing that even the virus can’t dampen our joy and love for weddings!)

The song starts off with an echo of a confession, a vow, a promise, an oath to surrender oneself to another; “Wewe ni dunia yangu”, loosely translated as “You are my world”.

The oath sets the tone of what the song is all about; love! Beautiful sounds of a flute reverberates in the background as a mixture of rich percussive sounds paint a fine contemporary afro fusion sound. Nsimbi experiments a lot with the sound lending in various African and Arab influences. The overall sound is rich taste of diversity.

GNL Zamba and Tamar compliment each other so effortlessly as he weaves a picture of love with a distinct voice of authority. Tamar, on the other hand cushions the rugged edges with soft soothing voice setting the tone of two bitten by the love bug.

For the video, Nsimbi opted for colour — afterall, what’s a wedding without colour? A joyful entourage of boda-boda cyclists snake their way through plush greenery carrying the bride, a cheeky slap in the face of today’s overly commercial functions. Set by the lakeside, the wedding ends in dance, eating and food with a clever mix of traditional settings and a pinch of modernity.

Nsimbi are surely on an adventure and so far, it’s getting more interesting into what the duo is evolving into. This only leaves us guessing what ‘Infinity EP’ will sound like!

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