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Music Review: Gyobera by Irene Ntale.



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Ever since Irene Ntale tumbled out of her signature live music zone and went mainstream, stakes were against her. Music critics wrote her off. She was signed under Swangz Avenue. Of course some people said it was a wise choice, it was about time for her to join mainstream and swim with the sharks. She had churned out songs like ‘Politricks’ which, if you ask me, was a grand success; a delightfully mellow song that seemingly shoos you to bliss city. Her magical guitar skills and her ability to sing in her husky voice simply can’t be gainsaid. 

Under Swangz Avenue, her debut single ‘Nkubukinze’, was a massive wrap and it literally flung opened doors for this chanteuse. She was at it again and she wasn’t soon dropping it. She had it by its nuts and Nkubukinze instantaneously became everyone’s ringtone and lingered in people’s heads like a bad kiss. From the song, you could hear and easily tell that Irene had changed and she had changed for good. The latter used to sing with practiced ease and sung, for the most part, other people’s songs, doing them justice and registering herself as the next big thing. Indeed, she was the next big thing and she is now. 

However, what followed thereafter never did justice to her voice and her siren abilities. ‘Love Letter’ with Bebe Cool was a touch of class, yes, but it didn’t make it to the Promised Land, for me. Bebe Cool sounded vague and Irene labored to offer the only redemption. Feelers went tits up. Was it the end of the promising career for her? Had she made a grave choice that would soon eat her career like cancer? ‘Eno Ye Saawa’ and ‘Stay With Me’, even though they’re massively successful singles, didn’t do the harlequin task of mirroring Irene Ntale’s capabilities. You could easily tell that her preferable genre had changed hands. She sounded different and her difference wallowed in the success of the songs, overshadowing the criticism. 

She comes with her new single ‘Gyobera’. It is dope, as a young lad would term it; it is kawa and it rolled back the clock to the original Irene Ntale. Her of the mellow voice. Her of the magical fingers as she strum the guitar. Her of the husky voice; voice so sullen you could confess your sins to it. If that voice was a girl, I would instantly fetch a ring and shove it in her face. Even though there are little sprinkles of ‘Nkubukinze’, Gyobera is bound to take the same route. It is the key in which she sings. Her voice pegged onto the beat, following the same tender pace with the lovey-dovey lyrics twirling onto each other. It is a massive song and it seems Irene Ntale knows the way to churn out love songs and doing it well. ‘Gyobera’ will stick around for a while, like sewer air. Kudos to Swangz Avenue oven for putting this sweet thing together. Nice song, this one!

Reviewed by: BigEyeUg Staff

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