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Museveni Joins Whatsapp and Twitter



president museveni

By Ian Ortega

It seems MC SSEVO is really out to show swag. Days after taking his first selfie, Museveni could not resist the temptation of joining Twitter.

Museveni opened his Twitter account at Kyambogo University (for starters he pronounces it as Twirra).

Having opened his Twitter under the @KagutaMuseveni he went ahead to make his first tweet about the Ethanol powered aka Waragi powered car invented by Kyambogo Engineers.

But in order to become a full WTF member, he also joined Whatsapp and shared his first contact with yours truly.

Museveni’s whatsapp contact is only known to a lucky few but rumour has it that Ssejjusa is one of the whatsapp friends to mc ssevo.

At a later time, BigEye.ug will share Museveni’s whatsapp contact after getting authorisation.

But for now, we can’t wait for sex tapes from State house to leak.

Thanks for joining WTF(Whatsapp,Twitter­,Facebook). You now have our 2016 vote assuming we are allowed to vote via Facebook.

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