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MTN Uganda Momo Nyabo campaign comes to end after straight 8 weeks



Find out information about Coronavirus in Uganda. More here.

By staff Writer

MTN Uganda today ended their 8 week streak for her popular Momo Nyabo campaign that rewarded users for using MTN mobile money. The final giveaway event was held in Katwe market with the company handing over the last two cars of the campaign, two last motorcycles along with ither goodies. Moses Ogen and Ruth Nakasozi were the last winners of the Toyota Wish cars while Wegulo Kharim, and Ozuga Santos walked away with the last two motorcycles.The Momo Nyabo campaign this year, MTN Uganda has given away 24 cars, 36 motorcycles, and 160 smartphones.

During the final giveaway, MTN Uganda’s Senior Manager MFS products; Mr. Christopher Ssali on behalf of the telco thanked all its customers that have support them in past 20 years. He also added that it’s mobile money service is 10 years old.

“We thank our customers for supporting us over the last 20 years of MTN operation and 10 years of MTN mobile money,” he said.

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How do you recover economically from COVID 19 lockdown?



Find out information about Coronavirus in Uganda. More here.

By Charles N. Lambert

So far it has been estimated that the world has lost over $ 9 trillion dollars already since the global lockdown from the threat of Corona Virus began. In the US, over 6 million people have asked the government to begin paying their bills by filling unemployment. In the UK, request for government benefits have soared to record highs. US government is practically giving away $2.2 Trillion dollars to help their citizens and the economy. The UK government is paying 80% of wages for a significant number of people and countless more envious information reaching the African shores as palliatives for these Westerners.  So What about Africans?

The Black Wall Street- The World’s only capital risk free investment platform.

There is nothing different from how we treat beggars in how we have treated our citizens during this horrible economic downturn. Reports of food items being given to street beggars is all that fill our airwaves as the reports of the palliatives we hear across the continent. While it is important not to forget the poorest of the poor in this time, we have not heard of any single palliatives for the working, private sector employees who are not beggars but also need help especially after the lockdown elapses. Those average citizens who might need to begin looking for jobs afterwards, those whose small businesses have been decimated and they need to send kids back to school. Those whose companies have lost major contracts so won’t need their services any longer and even our numerous university students who practically support themselves through individual hustle will have a very hard time going back to school after this. The real impact of this horrible economic attack on African middle class through this virus will be grossly felt in the months after the lockdown has been called off.

Sample of the 25 high tech companies bringing the returns to investors.

Aid and welfare are some of the worst things in the world yet most people especially in Africa do not know that. The West provides Aid to Africa and investments in their nations. America as a nation is built on anti-welfare mentality and philosophy and they are the richest country in the world. One of their greatest leaders Abraham Lincoln took a very negative position to welfare saying that “You cannot help men permanently by doing for them what they could and should do for themselves”. Black American Thomas Sowell had this to say about welfare “The welfare State has always been judged by its good intentions rather than its POOR RESULTS”. The summary is that welfare does not work; it is not sustainable and does not lead to progressive development of the person. So how will African middle class recover from the Covid 19 Pandemic economically?

The Covid 19 economic hardship came from disruption in only ONE of the factors of production-labour. The virus does not attack money! This means Capital as a factor of production is immune to Covid 19 pandemic and can continue to work with technology to bring financial returns even in the worst of the epidemic. This is the only reason why the stocks and shares of Amazon( online retail company) is soaring through the roof as Westerners are busy investing their capital RIGHT NOW in the technology centered corporations which has little or no need for human gathering to produce. The value of the online business meeting company Zoom just added a further $2 billion dollars in this same period, the owner of Twitter gladly gave away $1 billion dollars to fight Covid 19 knowing his time to profit immensely is here and while Facebook is now totally jammed with traffic. The internet and those who invested in it have won!

Covid 19 upap platform where you receive and withdraw your investment returns plus receive corporate updates.

The Black Wall Street presents amazing platform for wise Africans to profit from investing in high tech online companies whose market focus is on developing countries but without taking any investment risks such as loss of capital. Our signature risk-free investment program-UPAP are dividend magnets to the largest economic revolution in Africa’s history through 25 HIGH tech online companies so guarantees you $100 per month for lifetime which you receive through an online platform directly withdrawn into your local bank account. UPAP slots are received through the acquisition of a computer tablet which was sold at a cost of $220 dollars in 2017 when the HIGH Tech companies under the Black Wall Street had not been deployed on Google Play Store but now costs $500 since they were deployed and members receiving monthly $100 payments. But how can anyone pay $500 for a computer tablet at this time of economic difficulties?

The Black Wall Street has created a pragmatic economic relief path for Africa’s middle class through a derivative of UPAP known as “Covid 19 UPAP”. This highly compassionate investment program is designed to help the middle class avoid the coming devastating economic impact of the COVID 19 pandemic lockdowns. Instead of paying $500 for the UPAP slot, you pay $50 and use your returns to pay off the cost of the UPAP, receive the computer tablet shipped to your door and continue to enjoy the $100 per month for another 9 months and at which point, you should have recovered from the Covid 19 economic downturn. (This UPAP derivative also offers no cash out value and limited to 10,000 slots).

The No Dropout 10 inch computer tablet you purchase to own a upap slot.

Speak to a Financial Administrator for the Black Wall Street today. contact@developmentchannel.tv

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Use Covid-19 Lockdown to Read the 10 Point Program- by Charles N. Lambert



Find out information about Coronavirus in Uganda. More here.

By Charles.N.Lambert

If you want to hide something from a black man, put it in writing” is a common widely accepted Western theory that unfortunately holds water among most of our population. “I want you to explain it to me” are the common words we hear from 90% of our black African investors in almost every interaction after any written communication. We buy drugs and don’t read the content, we eat food and have no idea its nutrient implications and we take actions totally ignorant of the law or its consequences. We seem to be the actual literal definition of the word- Dumb!

Something bigger than oil is showing up in Uganda yet very few in Uganda are aware or paying any attention to it simply because it has NOT yet been announced by the government. The government that tirelessly works to hear from the private sector painfully discovers year after year that the private sector is rather waiting to hear from the government. Uganda is a story of a people who have never understood the ideals of their government.  If only they read the 10 point program, If only they understood the unshakeable ideals of President Museveni, if only they truly followed and knew the final result of Pan Africanism the country has held as an ideal for decades.

A young radical, highly intellectual and very opinionated leader of men have just taken over a small East African country of little or no relevance to the entire African population so why did most of his 10 Point Program talk about Africa instead of just Uganda. Who becomes so passionately engrossed in educating ideals and values to illiterate, blood thirsty and rival focused inhabitants of a black nation synonymous with nothing else but wars and killings? Why did the natural diplomat pursue the principles of privatization to the point of arming his enemies with attack tools? Why it is so difficult to factually accuse Museveni of embezzlement of resources yet Ugandans are so poor? What is not adding up? The Answers are in the 10 point Program.

The 10 Point Program indicates in every sense that Uganda under the leadership of the ideals of M7 will be the home of the African, the black man, the dark skinned oppressed people of the world- the HOME OF RESISTANCE. This he has tried to do through government programs which mostly brought the refuges. The other types of black people are now about to come too, those which are NOT refugees. The 10 Point program stipulates that the government play very little or no role in economic development and service provision to the people giving over 90% powers to the private sector. The black owned corporations that will enjoy this policy are now about to come to Uganda.

The Black Wall Street is a movement that began in Uganda in November 2017 dubbed “The Second Mustard Seed” as at then, through the sales of the world’s very first investment by product purchase initiative also known as Tablets and Dollars or the Uganda Poverty Alleviation Program (UPAP). This little known UPAP will after documented Series by CNBC and Economist PROVING access to dividends from computer tablet purchase will become available to all Black people all over the world at a devalued rate of $100 per slot PER YEAR. This will lead to sales of 40 million mobile phones made in Uganda and an immediate $8 billion dollars into the Uganda economy with $600 million dollars distributed for cash out to 7,000 Ugandan families with UPAP slots in what is anticipated as the “Cash Out” by thousands of Ugandans.

The Black Wall Street which is the engine of AI powered industrialization of the African continent will make Uganda the destination for Capital and AI Consulting services to all of Africa leading to the status of the Economic Capital of Africa. The Black Wall Street will bring thousands of multimillion dollars and billionaire black personalities to invest in Uganda. On a side note, the Black Wall Street Community will have “The World’s Longest Bar” in the world right in Uganda as one of the greatest tourist spots on earth (cheers to tugende tunywemu).

In more than 10 different ways, the 10 point program prophesied, prepared and secured Uganda FOR the Black Wall Street. The Black Wall Street will crown the liberation war, justify it, empower Ugandans economically, honour M7 and foster his legacy forever. The Black Wall Street will be the PRIDE OF UGANDA.

The Black Wall Street Community is to be built at the lake shores in Uganda SIGNIFICANTLY comprising of 11 of the tallest buildings in Africa.

The Black Wall Street has divided Africa into 600 Regional Points with each represented on ground by the Artificial Intelligence Powered Development Centers otherwise known as M7 Agriculture Bank. These Development Centers will stamp the leadership authority of the Black Wall Street in Africa. Link to the full 10 Point Program Document http://www.austria-uganda.at/dokumente/Ten-Point%20Programme.pdf

The Black Wall Street signature AI powered 4th Industrial Revolution for Africa will establish 1,000 factories and supporting living communities per factory in Uganda across all districts beginning August 2020.

Charles N. Lambert was born in Nigeria, became a British Citizen in the UK, lived a decade in the US, married to a Kenyan BUT made Uganda his home country in November 2017. Charles N. Lambert visited a city in the United States of America known as Tulsa Oklahoma in December 2002 for a different reason BUT strayed to the region known as North Tulsa, (a current ghetto) where he learnt the history of the violent destruction of the very first Black Wall Street by envious whites. Lambert designed Development Channel 25 companies and UPAP as a foundation to recreate the Black Wall Street but this time, on a SECURED BLACK NATION-Uganda. BWS has been strategically positioned to relocate over 100,000 African Americans from the US to Uganda with 3 million more visiting each year.


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BigEye Money

Capital for Industries in Africa through the Black Wall Street- by Charles N. Lambert



Find out information about Coronavirus in Uganda. More here.

By Reporter

The greatest lie on the face of the earth today is that Africa needs Aid from anyone. The concept of development partners being those who bring capital for development concerns to Africa is a lie whose proportion is detrimental to progress. Africa has practically halted any serious wave of push towards industrialization of the continent and the massive job creation it would bring for our growing youth population. Those two lies mentioned above have been the Achilles heel to the industrialization, development and prosperity of the African continent. As Bob Marley said” Emancipate yourself from mental slavery, none but ourselves shall free our minds. Have no fear for atomic energy cause none of them can stop the TIME”.

It is TIME for Africa to break the mental chains of believing that we need the world to bring us some sort of program or policy adjustment or increase in AID to understand that we must organize to industrialize and we must organize to industrialize NOW. We are primarily a youth population, we have the highest unemployment in the world, we have the slowest pace of rural development, worst quality of living, and lowest access to basic amenities. We MUST look inwards to alternative solutions and do away with the programmed statuesque mindset that Bob Marley of many decades ago foretold and warned.

Black Wall Street Capital Recipients aka Crowd Funding Partners project submission and follow up section.

Only 1% access of the annual 2 Trillion dollars purchase power of Africa and the 2 Trillion dollars African American purchase power combined is more than enough money to build hundreds of new multi million dollars factories every single month of the year in Africa and endlessly fuel an unending wave of new industries season after season in Africa.

The Black Wall Street is the engine of capital generation for the industrialization of the African continent and leverages on the impulsive, addictive and tasteful desire to consume all sorts of products by Africans, to generate capital for funding of job creating commercial undertakings in Africa with a minimum of $1,000,000 million dollars and maximum of $50 million dollars without ANY COLLATERAL.

We have the unrivalled ability to generate millions of dollars from countless avenues for our passionate commitment to industrialization of the African continent. Our “TV Tax” program is designed to fund 10 industries with a minimum of $1 million dollars EVERY SINGLE DAY from August 2020.

M7 Agriculture Bank project gives us the unique ability to work with over 50 million farmers in Africa and leverage on people’s desire to eat to ensure their buying decisions are patriotic to the continent providing over $3 billion dollars every month for project funding in Africa. Our Forgotten Places machinery sucks out the billions of dollars from game enthusiasts to bring much needed rural development to villages and slums across Africa.

Black Wall Street Capital Seeker or CF Partner page showing account balance and menus.

With an Artificial Intelligence based system, our Influence Triangle of 18.6 million people in three distinct professions is the largest and most effective revenue collection structure ever designed by any entity in the world. This means that our capacity to generate capital for funding of projects far outweighs any bank or financial institution in Africa and our terms for capital presents the lowest for African projects than any entity anywhere in the world.

M7 Agriculture Bank Mobile App with capacity to commercialized farming practise for tens of millions of farmers through Artificial Intelligence driven Agriculture Extension Workers across Africa.

We are primarily interested in entrepreneurs and communities with large scale projects in manufacturing, production, construction, and rural development with emphasis on number of jobs created. You will only need to open a Crowd Funding Partner account through the Black Wall Street “Hook” for your jurisdiction anywhere in Africa and every other information and communication will be given to you through this account from submission of business plan to funding requirements, terms, funding dates, special programs, testimonials, withdrawals and more.

All Black Wall Street funded projects provide a minimum of 20% equity in the commercial returns of the project for BWS risk-free investors. Funding averages a total of 90 business days from your corporate account activation on the BWS Platform. Consulting services provided for high growth industries. Technical Transfer program covering more than 100 sectors is available with partners from Europe, Asia and North America. Industry lobby services included for all funding above $5 million dollars.

Queries to contact@developmentchannel.tv

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How many Slots of UPAP do you own?



Find out information about Coronavirus in Uganda. More here.

By Charles Lambert

Every time I look at a Ugandan, the first question that comes to my mind is “How many slots of UPAP do you own? When I look at people who have come into close contact with me or our organization and realize they don’t own any UPAP, I puzzle with amazement.

When I look at those who earned millions from us either in salaries, commissions, supplier contracts and the likes and still don’t own any UPAP, I finally comprehend the scripture- “my people perish for lack of knowledge”.

I own 2,000 out of the 20,000 available UPAP slots. I settled my mother, my father, my siblings, my children and all my loved ones by issuing those UPAP Slots.

I gave my best employees, my confidants, my strongest supporters and my deepest well-wishers UPAP slots and I know for a fact that I now truly owe no one anything no matter how much more successful I become in the future. So what is so special about UPAP slots?

UPAP platform showing cash out value of 5 slots.

UPAP slots are dividend magnets to the largest economic revolution in Africa’s history YET pegged to receive only $100 per month from the pot because the magnets are so few they could easily get $10,000 per month each. The pegging was easy to implement because the magnets were received through product purchase as against pure cash investment ( Ofcourse the mitigating factors we experienced meant some people never got their tablets but this doesn’t erase the fact that a product was paid for). This pegging of these magnets however has a strong benefit which is that those magnets will ALWAYS be able to withdraw that $100 per month from that huge pot forever.

This means one magnet or one UPAP slot is GUARANTEED to pay you dividend of $100 per month for life? So how are we sure this pot of money where the magnets are drawing from is realistic.

Development Channel owns some of the most critical intellectual properties in the world of international development. From programs to systems, processes to structures, themes to designs, products to services, shows to campaigns and more, DC is THE INNOVATOR for global development. One great monopolistic innovation makes billions of dollars in today’s world so how about 100s? DC’s Flow which connects all of Africa’s economy through a credit system is highly monopolistic in nature and set to attract over 80% of the African population and $1.5 billion dollars in monthly revenues. DC’s OBF which connects home construction to overseas mortgages for funding is a $17 billion dollars per annum initiative.

Then DC’s Redirect Mall, DC’s Lechi, DC’s ITE, DC’s Forgotten Places, DC’s M7 Agriculture bank, DC’s Economic System, and countless multi billion dollars intellectual property belonging to one company.

UPAP platform where you receive messages from the company as well as withdraw your monthly returns.

Development Channel has also completed the development of its proprietary Influence Triangle with the unique App Based ability to employ 18.6 million people in three distinct professions to effectively influence the market dominance of its 100s of unprecedented innovations. We don’t just have products;we also have the market in our palm. So why not share it with your friends and families only, why give it to me for buying a product? 

Simple answer, without you, our orchestrated plan to deliver Africa from gross poverty and lack of capital for industrialization and job creation will not succeed. Without paying that $100 per month to as many people as possible (20,000), we will only succeed in making money for ourselves but do nothing great for Africa. What’s the fun in just making some individual money if its possible that we can do both individual and community benefit? How do you mean?

We must have a version of New York’s Wall Street in Africa if we will ever experience industrialization. Who will bell the cat has been the only question. Black Americans tried to do this for the race by creating what they called The Black Wall Street. They profited individually and collectively until envy drove some white Americans to attack them and burn down the whole place killing over 300 people and burning the place to ashes(The place is still a ghetto today). We are rebuilding this Black Wall Street in Uganda because the only mistake our African American brothers and sisters made was to build The Black Wall Street on Western Soil and Uganda being one of the most secured black nations in the world because of M7, provides the most logical nation for the establishment of the most important icon of the Black Race ( THE ONLY PROBLEM THE PREVIOUS BLACK WALL STREET HAD WAS SECURITY). 

We can only create Black Wall Street through thousands of families receiving and withdrawing dividends via verifiable pro development companies paying them for risk free investments through product purchase. This will encourage all of Africa and diaspora 1.4 billion people to participate in the risk free investment mechanism of the Black Wall Street and we can use the over $100 billion dollars saved from capital flight to horn Africa towards competing in a $21 trillion dollars development financial market. Strangely and quite simply, we need you to own UPAP for Africa to develop. 

So what are you waiting for, take over the slot of ignorant people who thought they were joining a ponzie, a get rich quick scheme and began to murmur when it became academic and intellectual. 

UPAP platform showing accumulated monthly returns.

Over 3,800 Ugandans with over 11,000 slots currently own an account on the platform where all Development Channel innovations are sold through its Influence Triangle and have been receiving $100 per slot, per month payment for several months anticipating regular withdrawals while DC has launched 7 highly innovative basic human need Apps on Google Play Store. UPAP value is never less than $100 per month in dividend and gained this status since November 2019 making thousands of members have current account balances exceeding $1,000 and counting. UPAP is currently the only monthly dividend paying stock in Ugandan history. 

After the malicious attack and blackmail we experienced from detractors who thought cheap attacks could derail us, we implemented a new rule of account activation to help us separate our internal enemies from our loyal members. This has made thousands of inactivated UPAP slots ready for buy out and settlement of the withdrawn members. 

Own UPAP Slot today by replacing an uninformed illiterate who thought it was a Ponzi when they invested.  

Ask one of our authorized brokers about Cash OUT. Cash Out expected at the boom of the industry to pay $30,000 per UPAP slot which only cost most people $270 dollars at the time, 2018(Now valued at $500 per slot). 

UPAP was created to make eternal history. Knowing about it and not owning it will haunt you forever. 

The no DROPOUT 10 inch computer tablet

Charles N. Lambert, UK Educated and US Trained Corporate Strategist, Leader of Africa’s First Economic war created Development Channel, UPAP, Black Wall Street and DCs 25 companies, themes, designs, structures, Influence Triangle, App Shows and the Global Economic Systems. 

UPAP stands for Uganda Poverty Alleviation Program.

M7 agricultural bank that will be set up in 600 locations across Africa.

You can send your queries to contact@developmentchannel.tv

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