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MTN Uganda hands over Prizes to Winners of the MTN Open API Challenge



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Staff Writer

  • 203 individuals and teams registered as participants
  • MTN Uganda acting CEO Gordian Kyomukama handed over cash prizes to winners
  • Winners each walked away with UGX 10m, 7m and 5m in prize money for the first, second the third positions

Friday, 28th March, 2019 – Kampala: MTN Uganda has today handed over cash prizes worth UGX 66m to winners of the recently concluded MTN Open API Challenge. The series concluded last Friday 22nd March at the Innovation Village where nine winners from three categories were announced.

At the handover ceremony, MTN Uganda acting CEO Gordian Kyomukama was ecstatic about the role of MTN Uganda towards development of financial innovation in the country:

“MTN Uganda remains committed to supporting local innovation by enabling local developers leverage our technology infrastructure” said Gordian Kyomukama, the Chief Technology Officer at MTN Uganda and also the acting CEO.

“Our platforms such as the MTN App challenge, MTN Innovation Awards, the MTN Open API and the MTN Startup fund are a testament to our commitment to innovation with the ICT space in Uganda” he continued.

The MTN App Challenge, which was launched on Thursday 13th December 2018, focused on building innovations for digital payments; innovators were required to build applications that facilitated digital payments.

The MTN Innovation Challenge was executed online with a number of physical engagements in the form of trainings and mentorship sessions in partnership with the Innovation Village.

According to CK Japheth, Team Leader at The Innovation Village – the execution partners for the MTN App Challenge – participants had shown immense progress in developing and refining various applications as a result of the MTN Uganda App Challenge. 

“New innovations take time to ideate and develop but we are happy with the progress made over the three months of this competition” said CK Japheth.

The MTN Open API challenge run for 3 months ending on 18th March 2019. Participants were required to create apps that use the MTN Mobile Money Open APIs or to update/connect an existing app with the MTN Mobile Money Open API.

Applications were to be built in the following categories:

  • Transport: Apps developed in this category digitized through MTN Mobile Money with payments for delivery or use of local services in the transport sector
  • HORECA: Apps developed in this category digitized through MTN Mobile Money payments for service delivery/consumption in Hotels, Restaurants, Bars, and Cafes
  • Distribution in FMCG: Apps developed in this category digitized through MTN Mobile Money with payments made within a selected FMCG (fast moving consumer goods) value chain

A total of 203 individuals and teams registered with 22 teams making it to the finals for judging (HORECA – 9 submissions, TRANSPORT – 8 submissions and FMCG – 5 submissions). However, only 3 winners from each category were awarded. Prizes for winners included:

  • Pre-seed cash prizes
  • Entry to compete for seed funding from the MTN Startup fund
  • Acceleration support to build their startups

With the MTN Innovation Challenge done, Ugandans are now set to benefit from a wider community of developers using the MTN Open API to monetize various innovations in key industries.

Last year, MTN Uganda became the first telecom company in Uganda and in the MTN Group to grant third parties access to its Mobile Money Access Programming Interface (API). It also launched a UGX 1BN (US 270,000) Start-Up Fund that will provide a financial boost to start-ups that participate in the MTN Innovation Challenge Series.

Category Position Team Name Prize (UGX)
FMCG Winner Minute 5               10,000,000
1st Runner up Powell Pay                 7,000,000
2nd Runner up Engineering connections                 5,000,000
HORECA Winner App About               10,000,000
1st Runner up Epay                 7,000,000
2nd Runner up Sowani                 5,000,000
TRANSPORT Winner Easy Matatu               10,000,000
1st Runner up Endobo                 7,000,000
2nd Runner up Your Waste                 5,000,000

About MTN Uganda

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Local Business

Centenary Bank rewards Kampala’s first winners in trolley bash shopping bonanza



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Mrs. Beatrice Lugalambi (4th L), General Manager Corporate Communications , and Marketing at Centenary Bank, poses for a photo with CenteChrismas Trolley Dash Shopping Bonanza winners, and Centenary Bank Staff. This was during the reward of the 1st batch of Kampala Trolley Dash winners.

Mrs. Beatrice Lugalambi (4th L), General Manager Corporate Communications and Marketing at Centenary Bank, poses for a photo with CenteChrismas Trolley Dash Shopping Bonanza winners, and Centenary Bank Staff. This was during the reward of the 1st batch of Kampala Trolley Dash winners.

By Our Reporter

Centenary Bank continues to broaden its banking services with the aim of offering Ugandans convenient banking experiences through its alternative digital banking services.

While addressing the media at the Trolley dash held at Capital Shoppers Nakawa in which four customers were announced winners, Ms. Beatrice Lugalambi, the General Manager Corporate Communications and Marketing at Centenary Bank said that, “we are pleased to be rewarding four winners from our 1st batch of Trolley Dash Shopping Bonanza winners from the Central region. The Central region constitutes the biggest percentage of our customers, and we ought to give back to them, while delivering an enjoyable digital baking experience, all for their benefit”.

“In line with our current festive season slogan at the Bank ‘Christmas has come early’, which rhymes with our promo, customers who use our alternative banking channels; CenteMobile, CenteVisa and CenteAgent to carryout transactions at least three times a week will be rewarded throughout the promo duration,” Lugalambi added.

So far, over 300 customers through the promo have won cash, Gift Hampers and Trolley Dash Shopping Bonanza’s across the country in Mbale, Arua, Fort Portal, Mbarara and Masaka. Winners of the Trolley Dash Shopping Bonanza at Capital Shoppers Nakawa include; Mr. Kayongo Daniel, Ms. Phiona Kesiime, Mr Charles Wamalia, and Ms. Esther Adeke,

The CenteChristmas promo which was launched on November 05th, 2019 will run until December 31st, 2019. To stand a chance to win, bank customers will need to use the services at least thrice a week.


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Retiring Master Brewer shows what Uganda is Made of with Nile Special Stout



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By Reporter

Nile Breweries Master Brewer Moses Musisi has done it again. After developing the great success brands Nile Special, Club and Eagle, he has now created the first Premium Ugandan Stout, a beer that he refers to as the crown on his career.

 Nile Special Stout is a stout Uganda can be proud of. It is brewed with the finest Ugandan Malts and Roasted Barley. It is brewed at the Source of the river Nile. The liquid is beautifully dark and has a truly satisfying rich taste with a long lingering but surprisingly clean after taste. A drinking experience crafted specifically for the growing appetite for richer and more rewarding beers in Uganda.Nile Breweries’ charismatic master brewer, Moses Musisi will start enjoying his well-deserved retirement in a few weeks. When discussing his retirement plans late last year he mentioned his passion for Ugandan beer and the lack of a proper Ugandan Stout. “We have local Dark lagers and there are imported stouts on the market, but I would really like to create a stout that will make Uganda proud,” Musisi said.

“We have tremendous confidence in Moses’ brewing skills; he is definition of a true craftsman, so when he expressed his wish to do something truly remarkable and create something that will be of value for the country, we quickly agreed to move ahead with the project. It is fantastic to see that after many months of crafting the liquid he got it absolutely right,” said Thomas Kamphuis, Country Director, Nile Breweries Ltd.

“In my view this is the legacy every brewer wants to leave,” he added. Nile Special Stout will be for sale to consumers from 29th November.

“As it is a black beer, launching on Black Friday is giving the launch a nice touch. We have a great consumer launch planned at Kyadondo Rugby Club where consumers can experience this great beer while we kick off the new rugby season,” Amou Majok, Nile Breweries Marketing Head said.

“As one of Uganda’s most iconic companies and the undisputed leader of the beer industry with 57.7% market share. We remain committed to brewing great-tasting, high-quality beers that have satisfied beer drinkers for generations. We are proud that 100% of our beers are made in Uganda,” she added.When asked about the ‘Hack’ she commented “In a world where attention is scarce, we needed to use a stunt that was ‘bold and strong’ to get the attention we believe this beer deserves. The campaign truly shows the power of social media and we have been blown away by how quickly it was picked up and the amount of attention it got.”


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Appraisal Feedback Tool: A must for every organisation



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By Staff Writer

In almost every organization millions of employees work and get paid as per their positions. As an employee they get paid for the job done but there are many other expectations of employees associated with companies. They are such as promotion, good position, hike in pay scale and many more. To meet these expectations the companies need to watch the work style and other attributes of the employees as per which they are rated and offered with perks and other benefits. This whole process is a part of appraisal and before going for the same one need to know what appraisal is and how the appraisal feedback works. 

Every company follows a different model as far as the employee relations are concerned. The same is the methodology for the appraisal system as well as feedback. In many organizations the feedback plays a vital role to rate a person which may be peer to peer or senior to junior feedback system. HR department also uses various models and tools for appraisal feedback as per the size of the organization and number of employees.  

Appraisal is the evaluation process through which employee’s performance is measured according to the work done by them. This tool provides the overall report of individual employee working for the organization. This tool provides the feedback on the basis of the employee behaviour, time consumption to complete a task, time taken to accept the challenge etc. This tool saves a lot of time of the HRs as well as of the managers and now they can give a good amount of time to the organization as well for themselves too.

Need for this Tool?

The need for appraisal feedback tool is becoming a day to day basic need for every organization. This tool is used by the organizations so that there could not be any bias decisions taken by the manager’s as well as by the HRs, because in many organizations they used to have relations with some of the employees in depth because of which the other employees faces problems during their appraisal time.

The second big advantage of this tool is that it could provide the feedback about the learning behaviour of an employee on the basis of the training provided for duration of time period. In simple way we can understand that it let the organization know the overall development of an employee and according to the employee development what would be the future of the organization with its employee’s.

Importance of Appraisal in Industries

360 degree performance appraisal is important for both the employee’s and organization, as during the appraisal period the organization could know that either the employees who are working for them are going good or not, are they making profit for the organization and will the organization get growth in future by keeping them in the organization. The second benefit for organization is that it learns about the overall development of the employee according to the training provided to the employee’s.

Appraisal is more important for the employee’s than the organization because they are doing their job and giving more and more efforts to get the name for the promotion in their department. It is not possible for an employee to be at the same designation for all its life mostly recommended for the candidates who are new to the corporate world. If the employee is getting its appraisal at the right time then he/she gets energized again to do their work with full motivation and dedication and this could be the benefit for the organization to grow consistently.

Advantages of Appraisal Tool

  • No bias Decisions during Appraisal: with the use of this tool in most of the organization the transparency is maintained in the process in the process of the appraisal. No employee gets the benefit of having relatives in an organization because of which every employee is evaluated on the basis of their performance.
  • Bridges up the Training Gaps: After collecting the feedback of each and every employee from their colleagues the collected data is now goes under the analyses process and in this process the feedbacks are compared to each other and after completion of this process a final report of every employee is generated and on the basis of this report the appraisal of the employee’s is done.
  • Employees could know about their own lacking points by going through the report generated and they could improve their performance for their appraisal in future.
  • Employers could also know about the overall development of the employees working for them, and could hire new candidates over the old ones.

Disadvantages of Appraisal Tool

There are other disadvantages of this tool like many the employees would not accept the feedback report provided by this tool as they work in a team and no one want to see him/her go downwards and takes its positive side towards negative. So below are few disadvantages about the Appraisal tool.

  • Conflicts on positive feedback: In almost every industry there are managers who are not satisfied with the positive feedback provided by this tool because managers have their own conflicts with some of the employees and they do not wants the employee to get the appraisal.
  • Conflicts on suggestions: Sometimes the feedback generated by the appraisal tool makes many of the employees take the negative thoughts for the mangers as well as for the organization which could be frustrating for the employee but some of the employees does not takes this suggestion in the positive way and improve their performance in future to get the better appraisal. 
  • Wrong intentions: There are many employees who talk the positive about you and roam around you to get at the safe side but the ugly truth is that at your back they are trying to downgrade you because they do not wants you to see above you at any cost, so they provides the negative feedback of each other and the wrong feedback report is generated for the employees and their appraisal holds back. 

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