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MTN Internet Expo Goes To Mbale



Following successful interactive sessions with users in the Western and Northern region of Uganda, MTN Uganda held another Innovative and exciting Internet Expo in the Eastern town of Mbale. The Expo which kicked off on Thursday, 29th August 2013 and will be open until Saturday, 31st August 2013.

Available figures indicate that MTN Uganda has recorded over 100% growth in the number of people using its services to access Internet in the last year translating into more than 2 million MTN data users.

Mbale users attributed their loyalty to MTN products mainly to speed, Innovation, coverage, and the wide array of Internet bundles that have been packaged to meet their needs.

Mr. Ernst Fonternel, MTN’s Chief Marketing Officer, said MTN will continue to enhance their offerings to meet and exceed their customer’s needs to make their lives a whole lot brighter.

“Since the beginning of the year, we have rolled out MTN WiFi Hotspots, our 21.6Mbps Data Network was upgraded to 42Mbps and we were the first to introduce 4G LTE to Uganda. We continue to provide each one of our 8 million customers 15 Megabytes Free Internet per month in order to lead the delivery of a bold, new Digital world. Our customers only need to have an Internet enabled phone to take advantage of our offer and with MTN’s great variety of phones on offer we have seen significant growth, indicating to us that we are on the right track to get the country connected.” Fonternel said.

He said that the company’s biggest growth is now coming from mobile Internet which is attributable to MTN’s push in the smart phone market while they are well positioned in the sales of Internet enabled portable devices such as iPads and other tablets.

“We are entering the Post-PC world. A world where the computer is about to be replaced. This is the day when tablet sales will overtake desktop and notebook sales and while this might still take some time for Uganda we are preparing for our future. Content previously viewed on PCs and televisions can now be delivered via tablets and mobile phones and is the reason why we will continue to invest in high speed technologies like 3G+ and 4G LTE.” he explained.

The MTN regional Expos are the company’s way to take services closer to its audiences in the regions. They are also intended to create awareness for the vast opportunities available through the use of ICT as well as expose customers to the various data options available from MTN. MTN Uganda is the leading investor in technology with a planned investment of over $70 million this year alone to upgrade infrastructure, but also extend services to previously uncovered areas. Last year, the company invested over $80 million.

“Our investment into Uganda shows MTN’s commitment to continue providing services relevant to our customer’s current and future needs, and this firmly positions MTN as a leader with a clear vision for the future; leading the way for others to follow.”

He explained that over the next five years, data and digital services will be the primary focus areas for MTN Uganda. “Our strategic objectives are dynamic and provide a comprehensive roadmap to maintain MTN as a clear Number ONE for Customer Experience and Superior Quality,” Fonternel concluded.

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