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Mr & Miss IUEA to be unveiled at 5th anniversary celebrations



By Our Reporter 

Mr and Miss International University of East Africa (IUEA) will be unveiled at the university’s 5th anniversary celebrations.

This was announced at the launch of the university pageant that was held on Thursday evening at their main campus in Kansanga.

One of the students auditioning for the Mr & Miss IUEA 2016/17 pageant.

One of the female students auditioning for Miss IUEA 2016/17 during the launch of the pageant.

Speaking at the launch of the Mr & Miss IUEA 2016/17 pageant, Ms. Haneem Atizoyo, the Dean Of Students reiterated that the pageant is aimed at boosting confidence and self-esteem of international students as they get assimilated into their new environment.

She further revealed that the crowning of the university’s new king and queen will coincide with anniversary celebrations to mark five years of success.

Students turned up in big numbers for the launch of Mr & Miss IUEA 2016/17 pageant.

Students turned up in big numbers for the launch of Mr & Miss IUEA 2016/17 pageant.

The new King and Queen will replace the reigning Mr & Miss IUEA John Iwueke and Ariane Ndaliko respectively. Winners will be rewarded with a 100 percent bursary while the 1st and 2nd runners up will receive tutorage and membership to Crystal Models and Joram Model Management for one year.

The IUEA 5th anniversary celebrations will take place on 7th October at their main auditorium.

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