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Mowzey Radio Blasts Radiocity’s Dave Dash—“Save Us Your Ignorance”



BET Awards

Africa’s finest Music stars including Uganda’s Radio and Weasel at the BET Awards last weekend.

by Ortega Ian

Uganda’s most successful musical duo made history with their nomination at the BET awards but it seems some factions of the media were not impressed. Radiocity happened to be one of those parties that were not moved by the achievement.

Davd Dash Gossip Live, one of the employees at the station posted a rhetoric question on his page saying: “So BET did you think Radio and Weasel had a chance?”

Mowzey Radio under his Ki Radiology account decided to blast Radiocity as a whole:
“Radio city’s ignorance is far beyond amusing….hhhhmmm bambi u think radio and weasel being compared with 2face and ice prince means nothing? We’re busy rubbing shoulders with other international music giants right now and u can write such rubbish…wat a shame…maybe u forgot that we were there for Uganda…next time you should ask your favourite music dwarfs to represent u…I thought you knew better than that…bambi ffe tuli proud to have made history for Uganda coz none has done it before…shame upon u…let’s continue our struggle team Uganda…This is just the beginning…”

Let’s hope, we won’t see another song line Bacustomer which was aimed at blasting the Vision group. Otherwise to Mowzey Radio, and Weasle TV, you lifted out flag high. Sometimes, success is not in winning the award, it’s in reaching the peak and that finishing line, it’s not that at the end of the day, you made your country proud.

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