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Millennial star Ivan Beau takes gospel music by storm



By Reporter

Fast rising Gospel musician Ivan Beau is taking gospel music to another level, so that it can reach out to many communities with a message that is able to transform people’s lives for the better worldwide.

 Ivan Beau received a calling to reach people through music that inspires, teaches, motivates and touches people’s lives in a positive way.

Ivan Beau is due to release a highly anticipated music video in coming months. He describes his single “ Wave of blessings” which is accompanied with good visuals, as God’s message to the people that God answers our prayers.

Currently, Ivan Beau is the only solo fast rising artist most talked about in the gospel music world. We tracked him down. Read all about him.

 Who is Ivan Beau?

Ivan Beau is an artist who loves spreading positivity and good energy through his music. I am the youngest of three. My parents were hard workers and always taught my siblings and I to pursuit our dreams. 

How has your family been supportive of your music career?

They always pushed and supported my dreams through words of affirmation. They allowed me to participate in anything music related. They were there to encourage me and even put up with me singing around the house, day and night. 

When was your first day in the studio and how did you feel at that time?

My first time in the studio was when I was a teenager. I was very nervous and didn’t know what to expect. When they did the playback and I actually heard by voice come through the speakers with reverb, I was beyond excited. I knew then, I had what it took to spread joy to many!

Which song had you go to record?

His eye is on the sparrow” 

Among all, why did you venture into Gospel music?

I am a believer what comes from the heart reaches the hear. I love to sing music that inspires and moves me. The message of Gospel music is a simple yet needed one. It give life all while changing lives. 

Did you have a Christian upbringing; did it inspire your current career?

Certainly. My family put God in me as a young boy. Church was a happy place. I went ever week and sometimes several times a week. I remember always being attracted to the music and hiding myself in worship.

You’re a preacher and a same time gospel singer, how do you mix the two?

The two complement each other well. This is the reason I’m blessed to possess such a talent. Sometimes a song is most suitable to express a thought or an emotion and vice versa. It’s like being bilingual (which I am). Preaching and singing allows me the benefit to navigate to where I need to go to convey a message most appropriately. 

 Young and handsome as you are, society expects you to be doing different worldly things than preaching and singing, don’t you at some point feel you ventured into a wrong career.

Absolutely not, I know this world has nothing to offer. I rather know that I’ve helped to make a positive lasting change in someone’s life rather than feeling like I’ve resorted to the expectations and demands of those around me. 

Does preaching and gospel music bring food on the table?

Yes, it does. In fact, all my needs are met as the Lord sustains me daily. However, for me it’s more of a fulfillment knowing I’m doing his will. This brings me peace and serenity. Since I don’t live an extremely lavish lift, I’m able to accomplish all that I need.

Tell us how you connect words to come up with the songs you create?

For me, inspiration, and my experience steer my lyrics. I meditation on how I’m feeling and what I want to convey to the listener and from there, I flow with the moment. Writing can’t be rushed and everything may not always rhyme but as you write according to what’s being felt. That’s how you express yourself. Also, I don’t write thinking of what will be a hit. I write for what will inspire and change lives. 

Life as a preacher seems hard. How do you handle natural temptations?

Temptation is everywhere and it’s not easy. I rely on God’s Spirit to give me strength and help me on my daily journey. Without Him, I will be a shipwreck. Also, I try to surround myself with positive and like-minded people.

Back here in Uganda, gospel music has been full of controversies, is it also the same in Europe?

What causes this? First I don’t believe it’s the music that’s full of controversies, it’s often the artist.  There are different reasons for this. People can be gifted as gospel artists, but still have no conviction about how they live. Also, some are still navigating their way through life and find it difficult to balance the demands of the industry, thus forsaking their personal/individual life. Fame can be blinding to many. 

You’re last words for your music fans in Africa especially Uganda?

I love the people of Uganda, they have been so kind to me. The people there are so talented and teach me a lot. They’ve embraced me as their own and have been so supportive of my music. My Ugandan friend here in Europe have already began making provision for my arrival. I am excited to be coming in a few months. Uganda.. get ready for Ivan Beau!! Please continue to support and follow me as new music is soon to be released. 

Check out my promo Video here https://mail.google.com/mail/u/0?ui=2&ik=ee3701cc29&attid=0.1&permmsgid=msg-f:1713397538754094580&th=17c735fbc87765f4&view=att&disp=safe&realattid=f_kopd9x542

Also, Follow me on Instagram;@iamivanbeau and on Facebook; @ivanbeau


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