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Milege World Music Festival: A Melange of Disorganisation, Unprofessionalism and Wacky Ways



Yesterday I had a heated conversation with the Army guys and the people at Milege World Music Festival. I must say I have attended hundreds of events in my life time but yesterday’s Milege festival turned out to be the worst organized, most unprofessional on all fronts.

It lost it from the word go. I love to give everything the benefit of the doubt but yesterday all my patience buttons were used up. These guys no matter how low they sunk, they kept on proving they could even go lower. First an email comes in requesting “BigEye” to cover the 3 day festival. We write back and ask them to reserve 4 tickets for our team that will cover the festival.

A one Allan Wasswa whose email signature says he was their PR and Branding lead writes back confirming the reservations. He specifically notes; “there will be four tickets titled BigEye at the entrance. In case of anything call me while at the entrance.” Then an email comes in some days later regretting their inability to have a media launch and thus ‘no press conference.’

They write; ‘Unfortunately we were too busy to hold the press conference. Nonetheless find attached the media pack.” And guess what was contained in the pack; ‘endless photo albums.’ At this point we must have smelled the rat and called off our association to the festival. But hey, everyone deserves a chance. On Friday we get to Entebbe, two BigEye people and a friend we were going to pay entrance for. It was 11pm.

The first thing that welcomes us at Botanical Gardens is darkness, then two army guys with their guns. For a moment I thought we had mixed up the venues. Then out of nowhere, another unidentified guys springs out of the darkness and asks for our tickets. I humbly tell him to check the media list for tickets under ‘BigEye.’

This simple confirmation takes him 30 minutes, just to confirm their is even a media list. At this point I request him to call ‘Allan’ their PR guy. He has no idea of Allan. Then I try calling Allan and his phone is off. Completely off. Now I begin to really lose it. Four people come around and they are asked to buy tickets.

They pay and someone has to rush some distance to go bring their tickets and arm bands. Others come, get annoyed by the army guys and leave. While waiting, the army guys ask that I identify myself. I hand over an ID and thereafter ask for it. But everyone manning the gate is unidentified. At this point I have no idea who is doing what in this darkness.

As we wait for the media list, I show one of the guys the “email threads” so as to make the verification process easier. I am already tired. Finally two more unidentified chaps (no tags speaking to their role) panting come around. They say they have kind of seen the list but it actually has two people. I call off their bullshit. The army guys keep giving them orders.

I begin to wonder who is really making decisions here. At this point I make it clear that if this takes another 5 minutes I am out. The army guys ask that we all identify ourselves again. I make it clear that we have already gone miles to prove this. We are not going through the process again.

I ask what the Air Force is actually doing manning the gate and the whole event. I ask for the police. Where are they? None is on sight. I tell them this is unprofessional. Air Force shouldn’t be handling an event of civilians. The 5 minutes elapse and I start to walk away. One of the ladies runs to ask that I wait. I tell her; “if they could not sort themselves in the last 30 minutes, the next won’t make any difference.”

Meanwhile another guy comes in and is almost thrown out. He explains that he is the guy handling the tents and accommodation. The chaps at the entrance have no idea who this colleague is. Anyway how would they have known? None of them carries a tag speaking to their actual role at the festival. At this point I am wondering, did they even have an internal meeting amongst themselves as different stakeholders? Did they have planning meetings? Another guy runs after me to apologize. I tell him I need no apologies for a festival that has run for over 5 years. And apologies won’t make me change my mind. I had already cancelled my whole affair.

I call the other reporters at BigEye and tell them that we won’t be covering Milege. Till today Allan’s phone is off. He is also unknown to most people. But what annoyed me most was undecisiveness and lack of organisation at the festival.

Thank goodness there was Oz’s bar to calm down my anger. To Milege, you must sort out your house. You can’t still be limping with all these many years in the game. You are a World music festival for goodness sake not an Air Force induction programme. If all this could happen at the entrance, one then can’t imagine the bigger trash inside.

Yet this is not a piece to denigrate the festival. It is one to help them improve. Only a good friend takes the time to point out one’s weaknesses. And only because we believe in Milege and expect a lot from them did we get to pen this…

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Supa Sigiri’s Relieve Households In Uganda Of Annual Excessive Charcoal Expenses



By Staff Writer

The Government of Uganda through the Uganda Clean Cooking Supply Chain Expansion Project, a Government of Uganda project, implemented by Private Sector Foundation Uganda (PSFU) is encouraging the public to use improved cook stoves dubbed ‘Supa Sigiris’ designed to use less charcoal, emit less smoke and cook faster than the ordinary cooking stoves found in most homes. Currently, Supa Sigiri’s can relieve their users of at least 360,000Ushs worth of annual charcoal expenses.

According to the 2016/2017 Uganda National Household Survey, almost every household in the country either uses charcoal or firewood for cooking, revealing that the dependency on firewood as a source of energy is straining the environment locally, regionally and globally. Ordinary Sigiri’s emit large amounts of black carbon which in the long run contribute to global warming. 

The collective benefits of using any of the Supa Sigiri types are;

  • Supa Sigiris use less charcoal,
  • Supa Sigiris cooking time is greatly reduced thus making them a faster means of meal preparation,
  • Supa Sigiris emit less smoke, and therefore reduce the risk of health issues household members may face in association with smoke fumes released within the home, 
  • Supa Sigiris also ensure a cleaner and safer environment generally in the home because of their unique design.

Speaking on the sidelines of the Capital FM Cook off with Supa Sigiri held last Friday, 23rd August 2019, Michael Oboth Sales Personnel for the Envirofit and Ecozoom cook stoves explained that the Envirofit and Ecozoom are a product of a World Bank research to combat climatic change which has become a global concern. ‘Both Envirofit and Ecozoom cook stoves save consumption rate of fuel by 58%, have a 78% faster cooking rate and 82% smoke reduction.’ Oboth added that one can cook with the Envirofit cook stove in the comfort of one’s choice:  on top of plastic tables, woollen carpets or tiles and they will not cause a fire outbreak.’

Biolite cook stove Representative Uganda Andrew Abacha said, ‘Biolite improved cook stoves can uniquely charge your phone or light up as you cook. It uses minimal amounts of firewood which in the long run addresses environmental, health and financial challenges. It also saves its users money as they need firewood worth only 500 Ushs to cook with every day.’

Charles Akamanya, Sales Representative and Project Development Officer for the Potential Energy cook stove said, ‘The Potential Energy cook stove is versatile, uses both charcoal and firewood, cooks at double the speed and comes with two provisions for cooking both at the top and bottom.’

Debbi Nansumba, Project Officer for the Smart Home Supa Sigiri Cookstove said that being part of the Uganda Clean Cooking Supply Chain Expansion Project has generally created awareness for the cook stoves and widened the market. She called upon the public to use Supa Sigiris cook stoves because of their benefits that make them unique from ordinary sigiris.

Mugwanya Ahmed the Sales Representative for Ugastove cook stoves said, ‘Ugastoves are durable, can work for 4 years, have less carbon emission, save energy and use less charcoal than ordinary sigiris.’

The Supa Sigiris come in 7 brands and are priced as follows:

Stove typePrice (UGX)
1Smart Home17,000

ILF Smart Home17,000
2Ugastove charcoal stove  45,000

Ugastove dual stove45,000
3Ecozoom Jiko Fresh125,000

Ecozoom Jiko Bora165,000
4Envirofit Super saver charcoal stove200,000

Envirofit Charcoal stove170,000
5Biolite Home stove 2180,000
Potential Energy: Berkley Darfur stove95,000
7BURN Jikokoa150,000

BURN Kunikoa150,000

Any of the 7 Supa Sigiri’s can be bought either by cash or loan (PSFU is reaching out to the various office SACCO’s in and around Kampala for the member credit facility option). Supa Sigiri’s sale points around Kampala and Wakiso can be accessed at the following locations: 

  • Shop No. 4 located at Wandegeya market building, Northern wing,
  • Johnrich supermarket Kabalagala entrance,
  • Bugolobi market entrance, 
  • Nakawa market, charcoal entrance shop No. 278, 
  • Seeta Trading Centre next to Stanbic bank ATM.
  • Capital Shoppers Ntinda and Nakawa Entrance
  • Kasubi Market opposite Kobil Petrol Station

Supa Sigiri’s can also be ordered via the phone on 0783813902; via SMS to 8008, Type Sigiri [leave space] your location and send; Email:; or by visiting the website The Supa Sigiri’s are also available on the JumiaUG shop.

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Breeze Serenity Saloon and Spa, a perfect one stop serene place for all your body care



By Staff Writer

Not so many places around town will have you get all your body services at a one stop. Serenity Saloon and Spa is one of those places that will not need you place to place, the Kimathi based Saloon and Spa has services ranging from makeup, weaving, braids, dreadlocks, massage, pedicure & manicure, facial, body scrub, hair treatment, tattoos and physiotherapy services.

From those that have been at the place, the customer care is excellent and in a conducive and mind relaxing environment that has FREE WIFI. Because we have been there to experience the ambiance, the place is convenient for all classes of people including the working class because it opens through all 24 hours.

While is remains a classy saloon and Spa the charges are relatively friendly. Breeze Serenity Saloon and Spa is located at Kimathi Avenue, Pan African House, next to Kampala Casino.

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Entertainment News

Here’s What to Expect at 2019’s Nyege Nyege Festival (300 Artistes; 4 Days Nonstop Fun)



By Staff Writer
Nyege Nyege is finally here. The fifth Edition of Nyege Nyege is going down at Nile Discovery Beach in Jinja. Yes, right at the source of the Nile. It’s 300 artistes, 6 stages and 4 days of non-stop fun.

There’s not a single festival in Africa that comes close. It’s two stages playing mainstream African music versus 4 stages playing the cream of the East African underground with a carefully selected line up of international artists, including acts from all over the Continent as well as a special focus on China, Indonesia and the US.

This 5th edition really aims to bring forth the amazingness of the Ugandan and East African creative spirit. By showcasing performances and happenings, art installations and delicious cuisine, dancers, acrobats, graffiti artists and fortune tellers, musicians, magicians, all brought together to create one grand adventure that lasts for four days. Even more so than previous years, this year’s edition will be highly participatory and interactive, with a special emphasis on building community and spaces that are safe and fun.

This year Nyege Nyege is endorsed by the Ministry of Tourism and the city of Njeru, making it a joint effort to showcase the beauty and hospitality of Uganda to all foreign visitors. Nyege Nyege is partnering with several touring companies in Kenya, Tanzania, Ethiopia, South Africa and Los Angeles to give visitors a chance to combine the festival with other adventures, from rafting to safari and mountain climbing, or simply relaxing, Uganda has something for everyone.

This year the festival will feature 5 stages and one secret stage, as well as roving traditional bands and a few disco shacks outside the festival grounds where surprise acts from the official line up will perform.

Music is once again the main topic on the Nyege program, with over 300 performers coming from over 30 countries, in essence a true celebration of music.

Fulu Mziki the legendary 8 piece band from Kinshasa will make their first appearance outside of the Democratic Republic of Congo, they will be in Kampala for a month building instruments, costumes and recording an album in the Nyege Nyege Studio, ahead of one of the most anticipated performances.

D JDiaki from Bamako will bang out balani tunes, while DJ Serpent Noir will bring Ivoirian coupe décalé to the tropical stage, Menzi, Msaki, Sho Madjozi and DooWop will bring the whole range of South African music from gqom to afrohouse and soul, Hama the synth virtuoso from Niger will take everyone to the Sahel while Infrapa will breath new life in his twisted kalindula soukous hiphop from Kisangani.
From China we will have electronic heavyweights and label boss Kilo Vee, who wil.

Remember, Nyege Nyege is nothing but the feeling of a sudden uncontrollable urge to move, shake or dance.

Are you ready to Nyege?

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