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Men: 8 Ways To Hide Your Sexual Inexperience




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Women love men that have a certain amount of experience when it comes to sex as it can be pretty awkward for them to be with a man still learning the ropes.

As a man, you’re allowed very little room for error especially considering the fact that sex is innate and natural and is something people have been doing long before the advent of pornography. You can mask your inexperience by learning the ropes irrespective of whether you’re a virgin or a geek.

It is essential you do as much research as possible to gain knowledge of the things women enjoy doing. You don’t have to go far to learn extreme sexual acts such as mapping out her G-spot or learning about BDSM. More so, a number of online forums exist that can give you a good insight into the sexual experiences of people during their early days. This can help to remind you to relax and know that there’s really nothing to worry about.

Expand Your Visual Knowledge
And by expanding your visual knowledge, we mean you should consider learning from pornographic materials. Watching pornography can do a lot to expand your knowledge about sex and everything in between. It’s however best you have at the back of your mind that pornography is usually over dramatized and it’s best not to try out everything you see the first time out. Follow the basic routines and techniques do that you won’t disappoint your partner when you do it in real life.

Work On Yourself
Even though masturbation is not completely advisable, it can be of great help to you in getting to know your body better. Masturbation can also help you prep your body and mind to last longer even though you’re only fantasising but it can help you practise and visualise what it’s like to have sex with some form of experience. Having a good knowledge of your body will be of advantage to you when the real thing commences.

Keep It Secret
The essence of this article is to help you gain sufficient expertise to convince her that you have enough experience under your belt to do it well in bed, right? As such, you should not consider telling her it is your first time; neither should you go down the route of bragging to her how many women you’ve been with. Any man man that feels the need to brag about his sexual experience appears to be compensating for a lack of it by talking about how good he is.

Learn The Basics
Learn the basics of sex first. Learn the things that turm her on, where her erogenous zones are located on her her body, the way her body functions and any other way you can please her. You want to give off an experienced outlook but you still shouldn’t appear over experienced to an extent that she thinks you’ve slept with hundreds of women.

Have Good Hygiene
There’s nothing as bad as a man that has body odour or smelly breath. If you go into the bedroom like this with your partner, it reeks off inexperience because she expects you to know that brushing your teeth and showering before sex shows courtesy. Taking a shower, brushing your teeth, putting on cologne, deodorant, and clean underwear are the basics of good hygiene and will go a long way in giving a lasting impression.

Say As Little As Possible During Sex
It doesn’t hurt to moan and groan the manly way as it helps to tell her you’re into it, but make sure they are few and far between. Having a full blown conversation during sex can kill the mood. Repeatedly asking her how she feels about a particular sex position should be avoided, so also is going crazy with the moans which can be a huge turn off for her. Avoid giving off an impression that you’re surprised by any sex position or act she brings up as that can also turn her off.

You can ask her if she’s comfortable with a particular position or if she’s enjoying something you’re doing but remember not to go overboard with your questions.

Don’t Question Her Too Much After Sex
You’d probably hurt your relationship more by interrogating her after sex on how good the sex session was. Going further to ask her if you’re better than the last guy she was with or asking her which sex position is her favourite will only make her see you an an inexperienced beginner. What most women want after sex is cuddling up to you. There’s really no need to ask her how it was since you’d most likely deduce from her non-verbal communication and if not, you’d know certainly if she comes around the next time.

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