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Mary Luswata is my best friend – Jackie Chandiru.



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Former Blu*3 singer Jackie Chandiru has revealed that she has no beef with Urban TV presenter Mary Luswata. In an interview with Isabella Mboneko, the “Agaasi” singer said that she is not aware of any beef between her and the motor mouthed presenter. 

It is clear that there is something bigger than ‘beef’ going on between Mary and Jackie. When she was asked for her account of what is going on between them, here is what she said in response. 

“I don’t understand that myself, I have tried to figure it out if there is any matter between her and I and I don’t know of any,” Jackie told Isabella. 

About the allegations made by Mary that Jackie carried out an abortion some years ago, the “Gold digger” singer who began to sing at an early age of 10 years had this to say: “I think that whoever she is, she should be able to have proof that I was pregnant and also be able to tell us which doctor carried out the abortions. In short, she should be able to prove all said in courts of law.”

When asked about the relationship between her and former lover and prominent city lawyer Caleb, Jackie said that they both had obligations that restricted them from freedom of action. 

We are watching Mary and Jackie for you and will keep you updated.

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