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MC Mariachi apologises to Muslims for ridiculing them



MC Mariachi performing at one of the past weekly comedy shows held at Laftaz Lounge

MC Mariachi entertaining guests at one of his comedy shows in the past.

Local comedian MC Mariachi has eaten humble pie and begged for forgiveness from the Muslim community after he made offensive jokes about Islam recently. He tendered in his apology to Muslims on Wednesday in Kibuuli.

This comes after the Supreme mufti of Uganda Sheikh Muzaata Nuhu warned Mariachi that tragedy would befall him for insulting his faith unless he makes a public apology.

Mariachi has heeded to the call and apologised. He has admitted that he offended many a Muslim with his jokes and promised to stay clear of religious jokes moving forward.

Sheikh Muzaata accepted the apology and cautioned the comedian against ridiculing other people’s faith as it could get him in trouble yet he still has many years ahead of him.

Mariachi’s woes with the Muslim community started after he made fun of the Islamic faith and ridiculed their eating habits and dress code.

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