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Man Threatens To Drag Jazz Maestro Pragmo To Court Over 200k Debt



By Moses Abeka

David Pragmo Nsaiga is deeply troubled. The man whose fingers caress a piano to produce sweet melody could soon be dancing to unfamiliar music in the court room. He declared to the world that a certain “friend” wants to open a court case over UGx 200,000/= that he owes the said man seeking legal redress.

On his Facebook timeline he cried out saying  that people owed him millions of shillings but he has never applied such extreme measures to demand what belongs to him attracting an over pour of valuable counsel from wise fans and sympathizers who suggested among other things that he gets a manager.

Pragmo is a household name in jazz circles, the lead act of Pragmo Acid Jazz which rebranded from Pragmo Jazz Vault, a top band that performs in high end hotels around town.

“Despite fame, people who depend on art eg writers, singers are liable to getting broke but that does not mean they dont pay debt or wont make money,” one fan advised.

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