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Man shoves hot cooking stick into wife’s privates



verdictA woman sustained serious injuries to her genitals after her husband shoved a hot cooking stick into her privates before forcing her to suck his manhood as punishment for flirting with other men.

Western Commonage magistrate Maphios Willard Moyo on Tuesday heard how Auditor Ndlovu, 25, had to crawl to her neighbour’s house, bleeding profusely, to seek help because she could not walk after the brutal assault.

Her husband, Njabulo Ncube, 33, of Pumula South suburb, told her after the assault: “Ngifuna ukukucinisa ukuthanda amanye amadoda (I want to bring to an end your habits of flirting with other men).”

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Prosecuting, Tatenda Dakwa narrated how in the early hours of Saturday, the agitated Ncube woke up and confronted his wife, accusing her of dating another man.

The couple is going through marital problems, the court heard.

The prosecutor said Ncube woke up and demanded sex from the complainant and she consented after which the two had a misunderstanding as Ncube accused his wife of infidelity.

He then punched her before forcing her to suck his manhood.

Ncube then shoved a hot cooking stick into her privates and Ndlovu sustained injuries and could not walk.

She crawled to her neighbours’ house to seek help.

“Ndlovu sought help from her neighbour Abigail Ncube where she spent the night. She later alerted her brother, Shelton Ndlovu who took her to hospital.

“A report was made to the police leading to Njabulo’s arrest,” said Dakwa.

In denying the charges, Njabulo said: “I deny the allegations. I had a misunderstanding with the complainant and we consulted our elders and they resolved the issue. I did not harm her).”

The magistrate remanded Njabulo out of custody to December 20 on $200 bail.

Source: Bulawayo24


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