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Malagasy Musician Plagiarizes Iryn Namubiru’s ‘Begombeko’



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Salim Segawa

Three years ago, Irene Namubiiru released a hit song that swayed the whole music fraternity and that song was called ‘Begombeko.’ With an awesome production by Paddyman, a popular music producer who owns Audio One Records, Irene’s song topped charts in Uganda and maybe Madagascar. I have proof…

Well, early this year in January, a Madagascar based musician called ‘Lianah’ released her hit single called “Walawala,” a song that became an anthem in Madagascar. However, thank God to the internet, today I came across this link via facebook and Twitter while people contemplated whether It’s Irene or Lianah that plagiarized the song.

Well, Irene’s ‘Begombeko’s’ song was an original co-production by PaddyMan and Fusion B that was released three years ago. Its video was shot by a popular video production house called Jah Live while Lianah’s ‘Walawala’ is a 2013 production that was released on January 4th, according to the YouTube information and other Madagascar websites! When Irene was questioned about this music project, the songstress replied that “I am wondering how OLD her ‘walawala’ is!

And again, i create my own adlibs!!And hers sound like mine! We wil compare original Demo.” However, Paddyman was also shocked to hear this info. “Well, i haven’t heard about that song. I will have to first listen to the song and maybe think of the next move.” He said.


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