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M33 bwongo signs up for bad news entertainment



M33 Bwongo

M33 Bwongo

By Tuhairwe Joab

The former Baboon Forest entertainment rapper M33 Bwongo is now fresh blood in the streams of bad music entertainment under the stewardship of Uganda’s socialite Becky Emons based in Sweden.

Becky started this label based in Wandegeya shortly after falling out with GNL Zamba and she has proved that she holds greatness without any limits and this has constantly vibrated in GNL’s ears.

It should be remembered that the tow, GNL and Emons were rumored a pair but soon fell out on unknown reasons and this led to the establishment of a fire brand music label that has signed several artist besides M33.

“This m33 bwongo the guy who was needed in his so called shit baboon forest nonsense.. n the guy performed with a him for some time before I met m 33 and GNL wanted to sign m33 but the guy said no to him and now days the dude is in my entertainment something thing that GNL hates n can’t admit. Instead he goes around telling people to not promote the guy…which really pisses me off coz the people he talks to comes n tell me his bullshit. ‘akamanyiro alina kanji ate nga tamalako..byebyo any way the guy is the best rapper in Uganda according to me’” said Becky in Sweden.

Meanwhile, Becky further more said that she has plans of making her label bigger and better come next year and she plans of shipping in one of the best audio production machines that she is going to purchase in United States. “Am looking at spending about 50,000 US dollars on these equipment. I just pray that all my plans work out well this year.”

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