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Lyto Boss and Iryn Namubiru still fighting over “Anjagala” song.



Lyto Boss

Lyto Boss

Musicians Lyto Boss and Iryn Namubiru are still fighting over “Anjagala” song.

We have learnt that Iryn Namubiru and Lyto Boss are entangled in a legal battle over the rightful owner of the song. This is after the two were reportedly spotted attending a court session at the commercial court on Monday. According to our sources, Lyto Boss filed a civil suit against Iryn Namubiru in which he demands Ugx 50 Million.

Meanwhile, the two singers have been fighting over the “real” owner of the song since mid last year. Iryn claims to have bought the song from fellow singer Catherine Kusasira while Lyto Boss, who is the songwriter, insists he did not get a dime for the said song. At the height of the conflict last year, Iryn accused Kusasira and Lyto Boss of trying to fleece her and dragged them to court but her case was dismissed due to lack of  convincing evidence. It is after this troubling experience that Lyto Boss decided to pursue the copyright matter to the very end.

Iryn Namubiru and Lyto Boss will return to court on September 29, 2016 if they fail to resolve their issues amicably by then.

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