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Lydia Jazmine seduces DJ Mercy Pro in new video “I love you Bae”



By Stuart G-Khast

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Vocalist singer Lydia Jazmine has once again come strong with her sweet voice in her latest release A-Z also called I love you bae. In the latest video, celebrated NBS DJ Mercy is at her mercy. The singer expresses a perfect new affection and DJ Mercy plays the role equally well.

Known for her love for stars, DJ Mercy is the latest catch, according to video. Mercy plays the role well displaying a good body and wears the designer suits that Jazmine usually falls prey to.

While it may seem a plain video, rumor has it that there could be some brewing truth as the pair is so close lately. Before, Jazmine has fallen in the preying hands of Fik Fameica and many other stars, DJ Mercy is the latest star who sends the singer to bed with late night calls of sweet nothings.

I love you bae was shot by Aaronaire. Watch DJ Mercy and Jazmine fall in love here

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