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Lydia Jazmine heaps praises on manager after gifting her with a new Mercedes Benz



By BigEyeUg Team

Sensational female vocalist, Lydia Nabawanuka famously known by the stage name, Lydia Jazmine is ‘at cloud nine’ after her manager, Ronnie Mulindwa gifted her with a new Mercedes Benz.

Jazmine was treated to a surprise of a new Mercedes Benz by manager Ronnie on her 30th birthday celebrations.

In presence of her the media and her friends, Jazmine applauded Mr. Mulindwa for being a generous, hardworking, and professional manager.

Jazmine vowed to continue giving her best in works landed by Ronnie.

She also revealed how the Mercedes Benz move has seriously taken her by storm because Ronnie secretly saved some money from her earnings to buy the ride.

I told Ronnie that I want to work to achieve everything. I used to work but I didn’t know he was taking off some money and saving it for me, he is a very professional and strict manager,” Lydia Jazmine told the media.

Jazmine and Ronnie commenced a working partnership in August 2019.

Ronnie Mulindwa is popularly known for having fronted the all-girl music group, The Obsessions which flourished the music scene in the 2000s.

Watch how Lydia Jazmine’s birthday went down:

Congratulations Lydia Jazmine!

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