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This Love Message To Super Model Aamito Will Melt Your Heart.



AamitoSinger and Club Music Video awards multi-winner, Amaru crafted a lengthy post to fellow star, super model Aamito Stacie. The two ladies hail from the Alur speaking people, a Luo tribe in WestNile. She wrote:

“So. I was reading a random American (i think) fashion blog last light when I noticed a familiar face at the bottom corner under their most popular articles.. Right there at #2 but commanding all the attention on that page, was the ever gorgeous Aamito Lagum, standing stunningly tall and elegantly on a runway!

Mit Mit babe, if i were to say that i was proud of you, it would be such a lame understatement! Words are yet to be invented to describe what I feel. Just when I think you’ve gotten as high as you could, you climb even higher.

It’s clear. There are some people who are just insanely favored, uniquely special and undoubtedly destined for the unthinkable loftiest galaxies, and to know someone like that is such an honor. This is perhaps easier for me to say seeing as I met you while you were already walking on mountain tops, but I could bet that those who’ve known you way longer than I can certainly testify to how they had to have seen that spark in your eye that read “marked for greatness” way before the world had the honor of being introduced to you!

I have so much warmth & joy in my heart for all that you are and all that you will be! And its been super humbling to experience your love and witness your beautiful heart and love for God on this journey. How much you seek Him inspires me and i know without a doubt that you will prosper beyond anyone’s widlest imagination!

I treasure your friendship & your beautiful spirit. Not forgetting your “amazing leadership skills” & your humor. Keep soaring, keep shining, keep growing!! The galaxies are your pathway.

May God propel you even higher! you deserve the best! The world is not ready for you! I cherish you & ill always be your biggest fan! & Jessica Suzanne Mumford im not sure this post would exist at all without you.

Im deeply thankful for you! Always. I think ill justt put this all in a song  #GiveHonorWhereItsDue #Thankful #ShineOn #MyFavoritePeople #PublicAdmirer” 

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