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List of Ugandan Musicians who can’t write proper English



You read their status updates on social media and can’t help but laugh, not because they are funny, but because their command of the Queen’s language leaves a lot to be desired. Here is a list of Ugandan musicians who have the worst English status updates ever.
First in line is Eddy Kenzo. Yes, Kenzo had to make it to this list. The sitya loss singer has made it a habit to “kill” the English language at every possible opportunity. He shocked the Ugandan online community a week a go on a Monday morning when he posted saying “Hey guys welcome back from the weekend, thank God u alive, I wish you a great weekend.” I mean this was a Monday morning, how can someone come out of the blue and say that “have a nice weekend?” Riyale, on a Monday morning? No! h*ll no. Rema, do something about this.

Here is a screen shot of his post.

eddy kenzo english

Moving on to Diamond Oscar who posted on his Instagram wall saying “Who are I am” whatever he meant, only God knows. What is clear is that the bling bling master killed the queen’s language on Instagram. Okay, we forgave that one. But along the way came King Saha. He was no different from the others. His post on Facebook last week left a lot to be desired about his command of the queens language. “At which age or class did you lost your virginity” he posted on his facebook wall.

Read King Saha’s post below.

king saha

Finally, Professor Big Eye of the already bukuti fame who has even come to terms with his poor English revealed in an interview that his fans enjoy the bulokeni, read broken English and that he does it solely to entertain them.

Here is Diamond Osars post.

diamond oscar
There you have it Kenzo, Diamond Oscar, King Saha and Professor Big Eye need some English language classes or they will continue to shame Uganda. Who are some of the Ugandan artistes that need to get a grip of the National language?  Leave us a comment in the comment box below.

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