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Liquid Silk sold off



liquid silk

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Since Monday, rumors spread that Liquid Silk Naalya had been closed. A number of false reasons were peddled to explain the closure. But none was ever conclusive. A reason this website reached out to our sources at the Bugolobi based offices of the Liquid Silk franchise.

According to the workers there, Liquid Silk was indeed sold off. “Liquid Silk, together with their neighbors, Mogas Petrol station were sold off to a popular food chain franchise. The money exchanged is good, and was undeniably had to refuse for the owners of both premises.” Explained a source.

According to sources, the space of Liquid Silk Naalya was singled out as strategic for both a restaurant, but as well as a petrol station. “The spaces of both Liquid Silk Naalya and Mogas petrol station have both been procured, and in a short time, development will start,” explained a source.

It is said that both parties walked away smiling to the bank.

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