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Leila Kayondo: The Ugandan Music Artiste Who Pays for Collabos



leila kayondBy Ian Ortega

Talk of music artistes that have bought the lie of ‘talent can be bought’, talk of Leila Kayondo. The newest wife of SK Mbuga (Head of Ugandan Sangomas in South Africa) is taking the business of buying music collabos a level higher.

She began off when she paid Chameleone 10million to do the Hooray song with her. On top of this, she was tasked with the full video expenses, Chameleone did not contribute a penny to the whole song. When that was done, she went back and showed Mbuga her bedroom eclipse in appreciation as she waited for the song to become a hit. Goodness, if we have seen mega flops, this one is a mega-dee concert in audio version.

But Leila Kayondo like any person who believes in the adage of keep trying, she is back again. This time round, she has paid off 8million to Goodlyfe for a collabo. Radio will take 3 million, Weasle will take 2.5 million while the rest will be shared among the Goodlyfe managers and members.

This time round, she is optimistic that this will be a hit. Leila will also be responsible for the expenses of shooting the video. A source in Goodlyfe notes that Mowzey Radio has also asked for an extra 5 million to appear in this video, Weasle on the other hand wants 6million. “I think Leila will trick SK Mbuga with her great looks and bedroom tribunal report and he will hand over the money.”

Leila is also in the plans of buying a chance to be unplugged by Club. “She wants to fast-track the whole process of getting onto Club Unplugged since it’s one of those shows that proves how great a music artiste is in Uganda,” says a source. “It’s Club Unplugged that pays a music artiste but Leila Kayondo wants to change the whole process, she wants to be the one to pay.”

It now seems Leila Kayondo is out there to buy talent at all costs. These days, she’s always sighted in SK Mbuga’s hummer cruising around, she reserves tables in clubs and the moment she’s dumped, she will be back to level one. She has lost manners, she’s too proud to even give journalists a minute to talk to her; she’s always wearing dark glasses.

If Leila stumbles upon a hit, we shall be certain of the Sun stumbling upon an award. We are praying hard for the music business lady that Leila Kayondo is turning out to be, so far, it seems like bad business since she’s failed to buy a hit song.

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