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Leila Kayondo reportedly conned someone of one million shillings to release new video



By Reporter

Leila Kayondo continues her struggles after falling out with SK Mbuga. The singer is in a new scandal that has seen her accused of conning a one Antony Cassey who is said to be a Ugandan living in diaspora. According to Antony, Leila and him were starting to get intimate and were in new love that saw then keep on phone all the time until ever sharp Leila took the wrong turn.

“Leila asked me for 1 Million shillings to pick her Nyumirwa video that she shot with Chameleone from Swangz avenue. She told me she had paid all the other money but had a balance of 1 million which I sent her. Since then she has switched off phone” Antony cries.

However, our efforts to reach Leila Kayondo landed on an insider in her camp who also told us they were not aware of such dealings. “Leila changed lines every month. We suspect maybe one of her old lines was being used by someone. Leila has never conned anyone and even if she did it wouldn’t be 1 million” an insider told us.

Unbothered Leila is on the sail with her new Nyumirwa video that is being played at all stations and night clubs.

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