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Learn to Play High Roller Casino Games at Rollers.io



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By Staff Writer

If you’ve never tried high roller casino games before, there is every chance that you’re missing out on a lot of fun. While high-roller games aren’t for everyone, they can be the missing link between bagging modest prizes on casino games and winning epic sums of cash. Here is our guide to what high roller games can offer you at top internet betting sites like Rollers.io today. Let’s begin…

What Are High Roller Games?

High roller casino games are any titles that facilitate big money stakes. Moreover, they are also games that don’t permit “low roller” bets. For instance, a low roller game may have a wagering range of $0.01 up to $100.00. A medium roller game may offer bets of $0.25 up to $1,000. However, a high-roller game is going to have a minimum bet limit of $5 up to $100, and the upper limits are usually far higher than most conventional players can afford to bet.

Not the Same as High Stakes Slots

It is important to note that high roller casino games are not the same as high stakes games. High stakes games, much like high roller games, can feature immensely costly maximum bet limits. However, whereas the minimum bet in a high roller game is usually quite high, the lowest affordable stake in high stakes games is the same as in a low-roller game. In short, high stakes games feature broad wagering ranges, while high roller titles do not.

Where Can I Play High Roller Games?

The interesting thing is that you may be torn between playing high rolling slots and games or high stakes ones. At the very best internet casinos, you won’t have to choose between them. Top sites like Rollers.io offer you the chance to bet on both types of games.

Key Terms to Look Out For

Not all casinos advertise their high roller games. Sometimes, they are kept in the same sections as other games. Moreover, not all high roller titles have the words “high roller” in them. This is sometimes seen as a negative thing in the online casino world. Software providers may choose fancier, regal sounding names like Salon Privé, VIP, Gold, Premier or so on. Make no mistake about it, though; these are often high roller games.

You Can Play High Roller Live Dealer Games and Join Tournaments

It isn’t just table games that can be played in high roller format (slots can, too), and games aren’t the only high roller packages around. Some live dealer casino games facilitate high stakes betting, and there are tournaments you can join for high rollers. Some casinos even have their own dedicated high roller bonuses. We’re not talking solely about VIP schemes here. They will have those, too. Many top casinos actively offer an entirely different welcome bonus for high rollers, and this may be worth considering even if you’ve ample cash to splash on the costliest of online casino games.

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