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A lady reacts to King of Toro, he is no longer handsome



King OyoBy Tuhairwe Joab

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The King of Toro Oyo Nyimba Kabamba Iguru Lukidi Mpuga at the age of coronation was considered one of the most handsome boys that existed in Uganda. But that notion seems to be  slowly fading away. This was proved when our snoops landed into him at one of the popular resorts in Uganda where the king has been residing for a while now.

A lady who preferred anonymity revealed to us that the king wanted to take his routine physical exercise and since there is no special arrangement for cultural leaders, the king had no option but have his routines with his subjects. However, this lady could not hide her annoyance and came out to critisise how the King conducted himself in the gym. “He was supposed to at least say hi,” said the lady who was bitter about it. “He’s even getting less handsome everyday as he grows up.”

Not everyone agreed with her though. Culturally, it is believed that Kings are above any other ordinary person regardless of the ethnic background and should be exalted therefore some believed it was the people in the gym that were supposed to at least give respect to the King and halt their routines for seconds to observe his presence and later resume their business.

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