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kyambogoBy Ian Ortega

For three consecutive days, students at Kyambogo University from the arts section have been waking up to find human excreta in their lecture rooms.

According to our sources from Accounting and Finance, it’s suspected that some freshers are behind this habit and this could be their new mode of striking.

“It’s very disgusting to wake up in the morning all ready for a lecture only to find human poop at the entrance and in different corners of the lecture rooms,”says Sheenah a second year student of accounting and finance.

The saga has forced many lecturers to suspend lectures till further notice or until the issue of whoever is behind the pupu habit is resolved.

The engineering students of Kyambogo University have offered to install CCTV cameras to record whoever is defecating in the lecture rooms.

The most affected lecture rooms are those adjacent to the football pitch. BigEye.ug could not get a comment from any of the Kyambogo administrators.

But whatever could cause university students to pupu in lecture rooms, then it should be something beyond human comprehension.

Perhaps it’s the equivalent of the ice bucket challenge.

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