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Kirumira and Faridah Walden Dating, Hottest Celebrity Couple in The Making



Faridah walden

By Ian Ortega

If you want to learn the art of vibing women, then you have to be friends to Public Relations (PR) managers. Famous Fireworks Advertising Uganda, PR Manager, Mark K Kirumira is now comfortably confirmed as the man owning the other half of Farida Walden’s heart.

Walden is that famous artiste behind the popular song of “Pressure Ya Love.” Unlike other artistes who try to keep things in the dark, Walden chose to keep things in the open and even confirmed on her Facebook info that Mark K Kirumira and her are dating.

It seems like we have the hottest celebrity couple in the making. Walden is currently a radio presenter at one of the Nation Media radios where she’s already impressed many.

To those who harbored feelings for Walden, well, she’s taken. Walden also has a song receiving fair airplay, ‘Gukukakanya.’


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