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Kenzo Confronted for Abusing Children



kenzo and the kids

Eddy Kenzo and his “Sitya Loss” kids.

Singer Eddy Kenzo of the “Sitamina” fame has been confronted by a child rights activists organization based in Bukoto for using children for economic gain in the viral “Sitya loss” Video.

The organization called Mutoto Wa Africa claims that the singer is exposing the children to bad vices like smoking, molestation and other abuses.

The activists categorically pinned Kenzo on the fact that he appeared on stage with the young stars who are below 18 as king dancers at Chameleone’s Tubonge Lugogo concert last month.

Although many people believe that Kenzo is helping these street kids find a purpose to live and express themselves through dance, the activists believe that he is infringing their legal rights as children.

In defence, Kenzo also known for his “Come over” song, says that the activists are idol and should concentrate on more pressing issues. He says that he is developing the kids’ talent. We will keep you posted.

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