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Kampala’s oldest bar “City Bar”re-opens



By Stuart G-Khast

The heart of Kampala is now an option rich with the new addition of “City Bar” which lies in the city centre along Jinja road at Thobani Centre. The proprietors of the bar seek to re-ignite the burning blames of the oldest bar of the 1960s that attracted al the cool people of the time across all classes. Unlike then, it now lies on the 11th floor of the building and has a restaurant, bar and lounge.

The manager of the new bar, city bar Rajeev, told the website, there was need to rekindle their iconic bar and it is set to open on the 1st of February this year.

Artistes Fik Fameica and Sheebah Karungi will be the entertainers of the night as the oldest city centre bar re-opens.

Nina, the Operations manager said they have the best prices in Kampala central business. They have an offer of 3 beers at 10k from 3pm to 9pm which is not available in other big bar around town. They also have a buffet at 20k with a drink.

Here is the new look of the newest bar in town

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