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Kahinda Otafiire Quotes (Compilation)



Kahinda Otafiire

Compiled by Ian Ortega

He is known as a fire-releasing politician, most of his quotes are quotable. So we bring you a compilation of all his quotes. Kahinda Otafiire is currently the Minister of Justice.

1. “Tamale Mirundi should leave issues of the generals to the generals.” Commenting on Tamale’s verbal attack.

2. “I am 85kg, do you think I have become big because of corruption?”

3. “what was a wetland doing in the middle of a city?” questioning the Nakumatt vs Nema saga

4. “Even Museveni Knows I am fire.”

5. “I don’t like this nonsense. That is my private life, it has nothing 2 do with my public life as Minister. Whether I am taking my family out or not is none of your business. You fellow can u concentrate on what concerns u and leave Otafiire’s family alone.” In response to Daily Monitor concerning his Christmas plans.

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