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Justin Bieber Lands Modelling Contract With Calvin Klein



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Justin Bieber

Justin Bieber may love stripping topless whenever possible on Instagram, but it seems his love of posing has caught the attention of Calvin Klein now.

The controversial popstar has reportedly won a contract and already shot his first campaign for the fashion giant.

Well, he DOES love stripping off and posing with his abs on full show whenever possible.

A source told Mail Online: “Justin has shot for Calvin Klein, we hope the results will be released later this year.”

SO exciting.

He follows in the footsteps of supermodels Kate Moss and Lara Stone – no pressure.

Just five days ago the singer posted a selfie showing off his Calvin Klein underwear, as he lifted his top to show off his muscular stomach.

It would be a real positive for Biebs, who has had several brushes with the law this year including being arrested for an egg-throwing incident and DUI.

Source: Mirror

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