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Why Juliana Kanyomozi decided to hide from fans



Juliana Kanyomozi

By BigEyeUg Team

Since the Tubonga Nawe saga, musician Juliana Kanyomozi who was known as a fans’ musician has been out of the public eye. For example she has not made a single post on her Instagram account in close to three weeks. Nothing better can be said of her on Facebook in this regard.

The singer who would not end a day without making a post or two on her social media accounts for fans to comment and interact with her has been off the grid for far too long that some are beginning to wonder what could have swallowed her.

Rumours on our desk indicate that Juliana took so much fire for her participation in the Tubonga Nawe project that she decided to take an extended break from the public and Social Media. The singer who was insulted by fans who went so far as insulting the memory of her son months ago during the Presidential campaigns was so hurt that she decided to keep quiet and stay away for some time.

Other sources tell us that she has a little ban baking in her oven and this could be the reason she is quiet and away from the media. We have been told that the “Mundeke” singer could be in studio working on some big projects with no need for disturbance hence the long silence.

Fans had even started a hashtag to help find the star before time watered down their efforts.

We will keep you posted.

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