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Juliana And Iryn Re-Unite After A Decade And More.



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By Isaac Mites

Uganda’s top female musicians Juliana Kanyomozi and Iryn Namubiru surprised Ugandans when they jointly performed on the same stage. This happened on the Saturday of 14th September at the Myko Ouma jazz concert at Kati Kati restaurant where the two were surprise artistes.

Juliana and Namubiru both age mates and former school mates at Namasagli College rose to fame in the late 1990s as I-Jay, the RnB all-girl group. The group’s single titled Vive la Vie was a popular record on Ugandan radio stations at the time.

After releasing their record, Iryn left for France and the group disbanded. This break up would later lead to speculation that the two separated on unfriendly terms although they both denied the rumours.

Namubiru later came back to Uganda in the mid-2000s to promote her music, where Juliana had already consolidated her supremacy with songs like; Say it, Nabikowa and Taata Wabana Yani―a duet with Bobi wine.

The pair has reconciled, ending years of animosity and rivalry. The two have been rivals for close to a decade. Namubiru and Julianna have finally buried the hatchet.

The duo had never appeared on stage at the same time but on Saturday Juliana, dressed in a short black skirt and a top stripped with leopard colours was the first to appear on stage as the crowd went wild.  A few minutes after she had started singing, Namubiru, dressed in a red top and tight red pants joined her on stage throwing the crowd into frenzy.

They jointly sang live Afrigo Band’s Sirina Anambika as Myko Ouma and his band played the instruments. The two were seen smiling at each other the whole time they were on stage as fans screamed out their names. The two single mothers as if to prove their fans that they are no longer foes, summed up their performance with a sisterly hug.

Their joint performance at the Myko Ouma concert left some fans suspecting that since both of the musicians are well established, age mates, former school mates and friends that might have been the root cause of the re-union.

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