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Judith Heard opens up about international coverage of her nude photos scandal



By Nila Faisal
Model Judith Heard has broken her silence after international media that include UK’s Daily Mail, CNN, among others published stories about her nude photos scandal.
In May, the socialite landed in hot water after her private photos were once again leaked online by an alleged ex boyfriend who was blackmailing her, leading to police summons.
Now, a few months later, international media have picked interest in the story that they published last weekend.
Judith Heard has thanked them for sharing her experience in a social media post.

Judith Heard Abryanz Style & Fashion Awards

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What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger 🙏🏾 thanks @mccoolingtons for sharing my story with the world @cnn @cnnafrica@UKdailymail..” She posted on Instagram.

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