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Jose Chameleone unmasks new management



By Stuart G-Khast

Singer Jose Chameleone has today officially announced his new management and also shown them to the public. In a press conference held today at Sky Lounge ij Kisementi, Chameleone unveiled Bijou Fortunate as his new manager. The Baliwa singer also stressed that it was not him that signed her but rather her that signed him.

Bijou Fortunate is the co-owner Muchachos that has majored in events marketing. Her experience in marketing is believed to be Paramount in her new venture with Jose Chameleone. Bijou is the first female manager to singer Chameleone. Previously Chameleone has been managed by his brother Humphrey Mayanja, Jeff Kiwa, Sam Mikasa, Mutima among other men.

Unveiling on Tuesday, Chameleoene described Bijou as a longtime friend. In fact he said he considers her a sister.

Bijou confirmed she has been a Chameleone fan for ages.

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