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Jose Chameleone’s Mama Mia tops list as neighbours Kenya celebrate 50 years of existence



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By Stuart G-Khast

Jose Chameleone is the only artiste from another country on the list and it is not by sheer luck. When we talk about East African and African Music as a whole, there is no way you can avoid crediting star singer Jose Chameleone.

Chameleone has stood the taste of time, his music aging like fine wine. No wonder he is a certified legend! Call him the Joseph of this generation.One Of his first songs he recorded in 1999, Mama Mia, has been listed among Kenya’s biggest classic jams over the last 50 years. Chameleone a definition of a complete artist with unbeatable talent.

As Kenya is celebrating 50 years of existence, legendary music producer, Bruce Odhiambo compiled the 50 outstanding songs.Check it out a compilation of 50 great Kenya tracks over the last 50 years.


1. Helule – Daudi Kabaka

2. Dereva Kombo – Fundi Konde

3. Malaika – Fadhili Williams

4. Pole Musa – Peter Tsotsi& Nachil Pitchen.

5. Taxi Driver- Fadhili William & Malaika Boys

6. Maoni ya Twist- John Nzenze

8. Someni Vijana- David Amunga

7. African Sunset- The Bata Shoeshine Boys

9. Murata, I love you- Daniel Kamau…DK

10. Mtoto si Nguo” by John Mukabi


1. Higher – Kelly Brown

2. You Can Do It – Slim Ali And The Hodi Boys

3. Sina Makosa – Les Wanyika

4. JamboBwana – Them Mushrooms

5. Lunch Time- Gabriel Omollo

6. Bwana Nipe Pesa –Super Mazembe

7. Cucu wa Gakunga- John Ndicu

8. Embakasi- Mangelepa

9. Amka Kumekucha – Maroon Commandos

10. Isabella Muga—Owino Misiani/ D.O Shirati Jazz.


1. Karubandika – Kasaloo Kyanga

2. Adamu Na Awa – Mary Atieno

3. Shauri Yako – Nguashi Ntimbo

4. Mama Lea Mtoto – Safari Sounds

5. Afro – Les Wanyika

6. Hinde- Nyumba ya gorofaa- African Vibrations Band

7. Stellah- Freshly Mwamburi

8. Vidonge Vyao—Maalika

9. Achie Maria- Ochieng

10. My Land is Kenya- Roger Whitaker


1. Mama Mia – Jose Chameleone (Ugandan)

2. Tafsiri Hii- Kala Mashaka

3. Unbwogable – Gidigidi Majimaji

4. Mos Mos – Esir

5.Kenya Only- Eric Wainaina

6. Ninanoki – Nameless

7. Uhiki- Hardstone

8. Ting Badi Malo- Gidi Gidi Maji Maji

9. Total Ballaa- Poxy Pressure

10. Dunia Mbaya- Princess

July 2003-2013

1. Ndoa Ya Machozi -Tony Nyadundo

2. Riziki – Jamnazi

3. Kuna Dawa – Esther Wahome

4. Kiasi- Jua Cali

5. Kisumu 100 – Susan Owiyo

6. Money Lover- Sauti Sol

7. Kigeugeu- Jaguar

8. Tobina- Daddy Owen

9. Kadhaa- Nonini

10. Taunet Telel- Emmy Kosgei

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Celebrity Gossip

Singer Dina Rukoti starts the year with ‘Magoba’ video



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By Stuart G-Khast

New talent Dina Rukoti who has now released her newest video Magoba. Magoba which was dropped last week is already doing well with song enjoying airplay on Radio, TV and Kampala bars.

Magoba was produced by Ronnie and video shot by Zygaphix.

Dina Rukoti was born Kyasiimire Diana and is a student at Makerere university Business school (MUBS) pursuing a Bachelor’s Degree in Procurement and Supply Chain Management. She is signed under Runo Concepts management.

Watch video here


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Celebrity Gossip

Eddy Kenzo to spearhead national tree planting campaign



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CCBA’s Simon Kaheru (R), musician Eddy Kenzo and representatives from ESSI share a moment at the launch of the tree planting campaign held on Friday at the Coca Cola plant in Namanve.

By Our Reporter

Eddy Kenzo has been named green ambassador. The singer will spearhead a conservation campaign in which he will raise awareness about climate change and also encourage masses across the country to plant trees.

Championed by Environment Social Safeguards International (ESSI) in partnership with Coca-Cola Beverages Africa(CCBA) in Uganda and National Forestry Authority, the initiative targets to plant over 4000 trees in effort to conserve the environment.

“I am excited to be working with ESSI on this campaign to plant trees across the country and want to encourage all Ugandans to join this initiative,” Kenzo said. “Planting a tree is a blessing because you are giving life while also making our country look beautiful. It is time for us to all go green.”

Eddy Kenzo plants a tree.

Eddy Kenzo plants a tree.

According to Khasim Ngabirano, the CEO Environment Social Safeguard International, the campaign aims to create awareness about the importance of tree planting in combating negative effects of climatic change. He noted that trees play an essential role in mitigating the impact of climate change and we therefore should act now to mitigate its negative effects.

Simon Kaheru, the Public Affairs & Communications Director Coca-Cola Beverages Africa in Uganda expressed excitement about this partnership saying: “We are looking to beat climate change but also protecting the environment by planting trees. Planting trees is one of the most important things we can do as Coca-Cola Beverages Africa in Uganda to contribute to conserving the environment.

“At Coca-Cola, we place priority on watershed protection and conservation, and we are proud of the work that ESSI has done in Uganda to help restore trees. The trees not only add beauty and provide shade but they also provide a barrier to storms and help retain water in the soil, which is very important for the country.”

Uganda’s forest cover has been depleted to 8% up from 24% in 1990s, and this is largely attributed to human encroachment for different activities such as agriculture and urbanization.


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Celebrity Gossip

Alex Muhangi releases animated “Entogo” video



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By Staff Writer

Comedian and now singer Alex Muhangi has released his Entogo video to his fans. Unlike most videos on circulation, Entogo is animated and interesting to watch.

Alex Muhangi is slowly growing his music collection from Olukwe, Bamuleke and now Entogo

Watch Entogo here


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