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Jose Chameleone’s Mama Mia tops list as neighbours Kenya celebrate 50 years of existence



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By Stuart G-Khast

Jose Chameleone is the only artiste from another country on the list and it is not by sheer luck. When we talk about East African and African Music as a whole, there is no way you can avoid crediting star singer Jose Chameleone.

Chameleone has stood the taste of time, his music aging like fine wine. No wonder he is a certified legend! Call him the Joseph of this generation.One Of his first songs he recorded in 1999, Mama Mia, has been listed among Kenya’s biggest classic jams over the last 50 years. Chameleone a definition of a complete artist with unbeatable talent.

As Kenya is celebrating 50 years of existence, legendary music producer, Bruce Odhiambo compiled the 50 outstanding songs.Check it out a compilation of 50 great Kenya tracks over the last 50 years.


1. Helule – Daudi Kabaka

2. Dereva Kombo – Fundi Konde

3. Malaika – Fadhili Williams

4. Pole Musa – Peter Tsotsi& Nachil Pitchen.

5. Taxi Driver- Fadhili William & Malaika Boys

6. Maoni ya Twist- John Nzenze

8. Someni Vijana- David Amunga

7. African Sunset- The Bata Shoeshine Boys

9. Murata, I love you- Daniel Kamau…DK

10. Mtoto si Nguo” by John Mukabi


1. Higher – Kelly Brown

2. You Can Do It – Slim Ali And The Hodi Boys

3. Sina Makosa – Les Wanyika

4. JamboBwana – Them Mushrooms

5. Lunch Time- Gabriel Omollo

6. Bwana Nipe Pesa –Super Mazembe

7. Cucu wa Gakunga- John Ndicu

8. Embakasi- Mangelepa

9. Amka Kumekucha – Maroon Commandos

10. Isabella Muga—Owino Misiani/ D.O Shirati Jazz.


1. Karubandika – Kasaloo Kyanga

2. Adamu Na Awa – Mary Atieno

3. Shauri Yako – Nguashi Ntimbo

4. Mama Lea Mtoto – Safari Sounds

5. Afro – Les Wanyika

6. Hinde- Nyumba ya gorofaa- African Vibrations Band

7. Stellah- Freshly Mwamburi

8. Vidonge Vyao—Maalika

9. Achie Maria- Ochieng

10. My Land is Kenya- Roger Whitaker


1. Mama Mia – Jose Chameleone (Ugandan)

2. Tafsiri Hii- Kala Mashaka

3. Unbwogable – Gidigidi Majimaji

4. Mos Mos – Esir

5.Kenya Only- Eric Wainaina

6. Ninanoki – Nameless

7. Uhiki- Hardstone

8. Ting Badi Malo- Gidi Gidi Maji Maji

9. Total Ballaa- Poxy Pressure

10. Dunia Mbaya- Princess

July 2003-2013

1. Ndoa Ya Machozi -Tony Nyadundo

2. Riziki – Jamnazi

3. Kuna Dawa – Esther Wahome

4. Kiasi- Jua Cali

5. Kisumu 100 – Susan Owiyo

6. Money Lover- Sauti Sol

7. Kigeugeu- Jaguar

8. Tobina- Daddy Owen

9. Kadhaa- Nonini

10. Taunet Telel- Emmy Kosgei

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Celebrity Gossip

Nessim Producer set to sign 15 year old Lucky Jo from Kumi district



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By Reporter

Producer Nessim is set to be the first audio producer in Uganda to sign a juvenile singer. According to sources, the producer has set eyes on new talent from Kumi district. Like his name, Lucky Jo is the lucky one set to put pen to paper and officially affiliate to Nessim productions.

Unlike most juvenile artistes in Uganda now, Lucky Jo doesn’t come with tha rap style. Lucky Jo is a song writer, singer and dancer . He started his music journey in primary seven vacation where He wrote his first song “keity”.  He however used the covid 19 period as a chance to record his song Keity.

Lucky Jo decided to meet Douglas Lwanga to seek advice on how he could promote his newly recorded audio . He appreciated his voice and talent and directed him to Nessim Pan Production to reproduce his already recorded single. Nessim picked alot of interest in Lucky Jo’s Talent and saw alot of potential and he offered to mentor and produce Lucky Jo.

Lucky Jo was born on 20th Feb 2005 to Mr Anguria IIsa and Mrs Mondo. He is in senior one at Greenhill academy.


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Sheila Gashumba and God’s Plan first show attracts East Africa’s biggest socialite Zari



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By Reporter

Sheila Gashumba

Sheila Gashumba and her boyfriend’s show started last night and in its first episode attracted a huge number of viewers. An estimated 2K live viewers were glued on their Facebook watching the first ever episode of God’s plan and Gash Lounge show last night.

God’s Plan

The show also featured arguably East Africa’s biggest socialite by Instagram numbers, Zari Hassan. While Zari and Sheila Gashumba both share an experience with socialite life, they also have faced some of the harshest cyber bullying, according to them.

The show also featured Angella Katatumba and doctor Ethel Nakimuli who served as a psychiatrist.

Zari Hassan

The show is expected to continue in subsequent weeks citing different topics. We can’t wait for Next Sunday.


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Celebrity Gossip

I am not single, I have a woman whom I want to marry – Diamond Platnumz



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By BigEyeUg Team

Popular Bongo star Naseeb Abdul Juma alias Diamond Platnumz is set to walk off the market once again just five months after his split with Kenyan girlfriend Tanasha Donna.

This time round, the father of five will be going an extra mile with legalizing his new relationship unlike his formerly renown love games.

Speaking during a social gathering in Tanzania, Platnumz expressed concern about his outgrown age that now seems ridiculous for him having mistresses instead of wives.

The ‘Jeje’ crooner is now bothered being it that he is not getting any younger.

I am not single. I have a woman whom I want to marry. We both don’t want to date just for the sake of it, we want to get married. On the 2nd of October, 2020 I will be turning 31 years old and I just don’t want to have just any woman, a mistress or an escort… I want to marry,” Diamond said.

Despite not stating anything related to his wedding dates, word on the streets of Tanzania already has it that plans are already underway for his wedding with the girlfriend.

The curious citizens have also extrapolated his admission by establishing Diamond’s bride-to-be’s identity moreover receiving aid from singer’s mother, Sanura Kassim.

This follows Sanura sharing a photo of Jihan Dimack, a Lebanon-born model and former Miss Universe Tanzania.

She went beyond and heaped praise on Dimack to which the beauty responded, “Thank you.

If you can recall, a ‘wedding’ was priority when Diamond and the mother of his last-born child first dated.

Diamond, however, often suggested postponing the wedding date claiming that he preferred a magnificent wedding, never witnessed before in history.

He also revealed that his international guests and friends being present at the event would additionally make a statement for him.

Inshallah panapo majaliwa mwaka wa 2019 nitaoa. Mbali na ivo ndoa yangu ilitakiwa iwe siku ya valentines tarehe kumi na nne lakini tumeipeleka mbele kwa sababu ndo yangu watu wengi wanatakiwa kuja kuhudhuria na siku hio kidogo haikukaa vizuri.´ Ndoa yangu watakuja kina Rick Ross, wasanii niliofanya nao collabo, ndugu jamaa na marafiki. I want it to be a royal wedding kama ya kina Prince Harry wa Uingereza. Kila mtu anatamani kuiona, kila mtu anatamani kuihudhria. Najitahidi kuitengeneza kila mtu aweze kuiona. Nimeipeleka mbele kidogo lakini kuna kitu ntakifanya siku ya valentine,” said Diamond.

Diamond’s half-sister, self-styled Wasafi Classic Baby (WCB) First Lady, Queen Darleen is remembered to have hinted loud on the controversially postponed valentine wedding date between Diamond and Tanasha this year.

Queen Darleen revealed that her brother was not ready for marriage and was not going to settle down any time soon as majority had anticipated.

He and I often talk about matters of marriage and relationships. Diamond fears being in a ‘marital cage’. He says he wants to settle down when he is ready, and I don’t think he is currently up for it,” said Darleen.

Matching her words rightfully, the CEO WCB and the Kenyan radio personality split a few months later as parents but unmarried.

We will keep you posted

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Sheebah’s ‘Nakyuka’ video bangs 1Million YouTube Views



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By BigEyeUg Team

Sensational singer Sheebah Karungi’s music career is heaped with success yet again after her ‘Nakyuka’ song video hitting 1Million views.

Today morning, the singer woke-up in glad tidings of a popping notification from YouTube about the 1Million eyeshot of her Nakyuka video.

My Lovers, You Make Me shiver!!!!!! Thank you ♥ Sheebaholics Face throwing a kiss You did it. #NAKYUKA hit #1Million views Last Night on YouTube Next On the menu #Ninda Linda Linda Woman dancing Multiple musical notes you better ready for this though #SAMALI the album coming soon,” wrote Sheebah.

Picking from Sheebah’s YouTube channel ‘Sheebah Karungi’, Nakyuka was premiered two months ago and has gathered over 1,003,738 views.

Nakyuka song is of an Afro-pop genre, written by singer Kalifah Aganaga, initially done at Bad Character Studios and finalized by producer Nessim Pan Production (Shot Gun Studios).

The visuals were landed by Sasha Vybz (Savy Films).

Her channel also hosts over 200,000 subscribers endowed with 92 stunning videos.

Watch Nakyuka by Sheebah Karungi;

Congratulations Sheebah Karungi!

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