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January ‘Brokeness’ forces Anitah Fabiola to search for new Job



anitah fabiola1

Anitah in the waiting area at the Urban TV reception. Photo by Kampala Sun

By BigEyeUg Team

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January is not an easy month, when ‘kayasi’ hits you, you can think that your whole year will be damned unless you get off your butt and look for something to do. This is exactly what Anitah Fabiola is going through as we speak.

The Capital FM presenter who was used to free cash during her relationship with TMT boss, Meddie Sentongo is now on the streets looking for extra cash to sustain her expensive life.

Yesterday, she was spotted at Urban TV offices looking for Kyeyo. Although we are not sure if she got a gig there, we know that she is good on the screen and can attract as many viewers as possible. Since urban TV is all about ratings, they just could make her wish come true.

We will keep you posted.

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