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Jackie Chandiru’s neighbors explain how she used to get drugs



Jackie Chandiru

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By BigEyeUg Team

Musician Jackie Chandiru who is currently undergoing counselling at Bunamwaya Rehabilitation centre for drug abuse used to get drugs from a pharmacy in her neighborhood, according to neighbors.

According to the new sources who lived near Chandiru in Muyenga for close to two years, her life was characterized by drugs. The singer used to have a roommate at first with whom she would take drugs and inject herself shortly before making loud noises and falling into deep sleep for long hours according to one of her neighbours.

A time came when the two would send boda boda cyclists to a pharmacy nearby deep in the night when they would run out of drugs. One of the neighbours says that he even went ahead to contact one of the singer’s relatives after she saw them injecting themselves at the balcony. The brother was informed only to give her a warning. She went back at it days later.

Currently, Jackie’s body is rotting away at the rehabilitation centre because of self-injections. Friends and family are at her side as she goes through this trying time in her life.

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