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Ivan Ssemwanga’s family fight over late tycoon’s property in South Africa



Ivan Ssemwanga

A war is brewing among family members of the late Ivan Ssemwanga over his property in South Africa.

According to a new report, one of the late tycoon’s close relatives traveled to South Africa recently and has vowed to petition the South African authorities so as to claim his estate as the rightful heir.

It is said that the schools and property in South Africa is registered under ownership of Ali Senyomo, an alias that Ivan Ssemwanga adopted and has been using to conduct businessman in South Africa following his ban.

It is this technicality that the said relative is hoping to exploit, even when it will expose the fraud committed by Ssemwanga and risks the family losing the entire property.

Meanwhile, Zari, who is the mother of the late tycoon’s three children, was named custodian of Ssemwanga’s assets in South Africa including his schools and houses. She was charged with ensuring that the schools continue running smoothly in a family meeting that was held days after Ssemwanga’s burial.

Zari was chosen alongside three others including Ritah Ssemwanga (sister), Lawrence Muyanja (King Lawrence) and George Ssemwanga Pinto (elder brother) as Ssemwanga’s estate managers.

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