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Is God’s Plan Running Broke?



By Staff Writer

Although God always has a plan, it seems this plan is not working out as expected in the Gashumba mansion.

We’ve now learned that lounges are worried about the infrequent appearances of God’s plan and girlfriend.

The couple used to chop money from Monday to Sunday but they have now become rare like an eclipse. And even when they show up, they buy shots instead of bottles. “I don’t know what is happening to our clients. Even the police lead car is no more. Even the tips,” says a bar owner.

We have learned that the couple has tightened their financial taps and are now looking at investing their money. One of the ventures they are focusing on is the Gash Glam store.

However they also recently shifted from their expensive apartment to a cheaper one with more services. They have also reduced a number of extravagant activities.

It leaves everyone wondering? Is God’s plan running out of money?

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